Bespoked - a celebration of handmade bicycles & those who make them

Ricky Feather (r) of Feather Cycles sweeping the board with 5 awards in 2017. Photo: Ben Broomfield



Every year at Bespoked we ask leaders in their field to select a number of bicycles and products that they feel excel in their field.


A couple of years ago we changed the format of the awards and moved away from the 'Best...' title as we felt that, due to the individual nature of the bicycles at Bespoked, every bicycle is the best for the person and purpose it is intended.


For exhibitors at Bespoked the awards are one of the highlights of the show, a prestigious accolade that they can be immensely proud of.


Below are the 2018 award categories.Bespoked 2018 Award Categories

(Awards will be presented Friday 20th during the show)


Road Bikes

Cyclist Magazine Choice  - (Winner +  2 runners up)

The Choice  - (Winner +  2 runners up)


Mountain Bikes

Singletrack Magazine Choice -  (Winner +  2 runners up)


CX (Off road drop bar)

Grit CX  Choice (Winner +  2 runners up)



Cycling UK  Choice  (Winner +  2 runners up)



Bike Radar Choice  (Winner +  2 runners up)


Judge selected Awards

Technical Excellence Award - Supported by Reynolds (Winner +  2 runners up)

Outstanding Finish/Paint Award (Winner +  2 runners up)

Best New Framebuilder Award (Winner +  1 runner up)

Steve Worland Innovation Award (Winner Only)


Awards to be presented Sunday afternoon

Public Vote Supported By Cyclist Magazine   - Winner + 2 Runners Up

Peer Award -  Supported by Columbus Winner + 1 Runner Up