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What Dear Susan does is different. Dear Susan applies his creative and enquiring spirit to making bikes more useful and above all more fun. Having a good understanding of the engineering demands of different structures and materials is the baseline, but to keep it interesting you need to use this knowledge to make something new and exciting, to make something that is truly life enhancing in the way that only bicycles can be. The last few years has seen a huge revival in interest in and demand for hand built frames and there are many great framebuilders out there, but commissioning a bespoke machine is a collaborative process, one that requires a good co-operation between the rider and the builder. There are many framebuilders that can make you a classic frame with perfect engineering and immaculate finishing, but there are few who can innovate, who can take the needs of the rider and create something absolutely unique.

Maker - Petor Georgallou

Designer - Petor Georgallou

Where - Margate




0794 6543 145

demon frameworks

Demon Frameworks is about design, craftsmanship and tradition. Making traditional lugged steel frames with the unmistakable Hermes lugs and also striking one-off designs that cannot be found anywhere else. Alongside framebuilding Demon also offers a beautiful and functional weather-proof cycling jacket made in England with the historic Ventile ™ fabric.

Maker - Tom Warmerdam

Designer - Tom Warmerdam

Where - Southampton




+44 (0) 02380 639194

donard bikes

Donard Bikes make hand-crafted bespoke bicycle frames in Northern Ireland. Each bike is indvidually designed and built specifically for a riders personal measurments and riding style and finished with a unique paint scheme. The bikes are made from Steel or Carbon Fibre, with all of the Carbon frame components fabricated in-house and all of the painting done in-house.

Maker - Owen Byrne


Designer - Owen Byrne


Where - Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland




downland cycles

A bike lovers paradise in rural Kent. Residential Training Centre for Frame Builders and Mechanics for bike lovers and the professional industry. Home to Invicta Frameworks - hand built and custom made.  Meals cooked by Julie using locally sourced and home grown produce. Evening rides on and off road or just unwind with a local ale in the garden.

Our motto is: You - Design it - Mitre it - Braze it - Ride it

Maker - Bryan Jackson and Martyn Hay

Designer - Bryan Jackson

Where - Nr Canterbury

Downland Cycles, Training Centre, 2 Stone Cottages, Lynsore Bottom, Upper Hardres, Canterbury, Kent. CT4 6EG





01227 709706


Born from a proud Czech tradition and heritage of skilled and precision engineering, Duratec have been producing handmade aluminium bicycle and tandem frames since 1997. With the introduction of carbon frame technology in 2002 we have gone from a small ‘garage’ brand to a leading specialist producing hand built frames using innovative technical solutions and unique designs. Using in house designed and custom drawn and butted 7020T6 aluminium tubing we offer standard sized and made-to-measure road, track, mountain bike, cyclocross, tandems, adventure and Fat bikes. Duratec received the Steve Worland Innovation Award for the PHANTOM frame (700g/weight) in the last year. Please come and visit Duratec booth again. New frames and bikes will be showed.


Designer - Mr. MILAN DUCHEK





+420·377 243512


Passion, experience and pride – these things define the Enigma brand, these along with a fervent desire to show the world how good British manufacturing can be. Our experience comes from a dedicated team of British craftsman with decades of knowledge of lightweight bicycle design. Years spent designing, building, and riding the world’s finest lightweight bikes and components. Our pride and passion is in the work we do and the products we produce. We are proud to be producing world class British products to sell to the world.

Maker - Joe Walker

Designer -

Where - East Sussex

Enigma Bicycle Works, 13 Apex Park, Diplocks Way, Hailsham, East Sussex. BN27 3JU



+44 1323 741807


Building bicycle frames since 1995 with lots of breaks, due to studying, job and riding rather than building, I did start over in 2014 in my own small shop. This was made possible through fantastic friends like Kai, Recep, Flori, Sean, Ross and most important Esther.  Since 1998, when done with racing, I do love my SingleSpeed and lately my 29er MonsterCrosser.  With ideas like the original exzentriker, at first realized with Habi, its derivations, the spanner or steel frames – ingenious components are solving problems nagging cyclists now and in the future.

Maker - Toby


Designer - Toby

Where - Freiburg, Germany

Exzentriker, Tobias Wasser, Hildastr. 24, 79102, Freiburg, Germany




Fahrradbau Stolz

We are fascinated by the bicycle,a fast and eco-friendly means of transport, a sturdy and inexpensive transport vehicle, an efficient piece of sport equipment and a means of travel that puts you in touch with nature.

All of us are cycling enthusiasts, and we all demand a great deal of our bicycles. The experience that we have gathered over time serves as the basis of our company. It also directly influences both our bicycle construction and our product line.

Maker - Stefan Bellini

Designer - Röbi Stolz

Where - Zurich




+41 (0)44 362 92 90

Feather cycles

Feather Cycles uses traditional methods to create custom cycle frames from the latest and also classic materials. Building frames to suit the customers needs and wants, all the while adding unique details to separate your bike from the masses. At Feather Cycles the highest quality is key and many, many hours are spent on each and every frame to make sure you get your perfect bicycle!

Maker - Ricky Feather

Designer - Ricky Feather

Where - Yorkshire





field cycles

Field Cycles is collaboration between a group of friends from various art, design and engineering disciplines. The partnership was developed out of a common pursuit for a hand built steel bicycle frame in a return to artisan craftsmanship and a personal obsession with the bespoke production process. The Framesets are fabricated one at a time with care and attention paid to the unique Field cycles details. The production process is the combination of the maker’s personal skill and the customer’s interpretation of the iconic object the bicycle. Each frame is truly a unique object in the world.

Maker - Harry Harrison

Designer - Field cycles collective

Where - Sheffield






Filament custom carbon fibre frames are tailor-made for individual riders at our workshop in Worcestershire. The frames are made from carbon tubes which are cut, bonded and reinforced with carbon joints. This process allows a wide range of sizes and custom geometry options on road bikes, track bikes and tandems. We combine technology and craft for a sublime ride quality.

Maker - Richard Craddock

Designer - Richard Craddock

Where - Bromsgrove






FINDRA is an award-winning ‘outdoor adventure’ clothing brand combining style and function.

Based in Scotland Founder Alex Feechan has created in FINDRA a unique brand and a product offering of stylish performance garments that can be worn across multiple outdoor activities and for leisure. Launched in the niche market specific to female cycling the business has grown to encompass many outdoor activities, led by the customer who loves to wear FINDRA whilst enjoying a range of activities.

April this year sees FINDRA launch their first men's collection at Bespoked, an exciting step for the brand and a great opportunity to open up the brand to many more outdoor lovers and adventurers.




01896 208 170

Berthoud Cycles

We are a small team of artisans making high-end leather saddles, cycling bags, various components as well as confection and custom bicycles under one roof in France.

Maker -

Designer -

Where - Pont de Vaux, France




03 85 51 46 46

grafton saddler

Grafton Saddler offers custom leather work for bicycles. We specialise in bespoke bike saddle recovers using traditional shoemaking techniques and the very best quality of leather.

Based in our workshop in Shoreditch, London, each piece is designed, hand cut, punched and stitched in house.

Maker -

Designer -

Where -  London

Grafton Saddler, Somerset House, Makerversity, The Strand, London, WC2R 1LA



+44 (0) 7769 940 774

hallet handbuilt cycles

I build cycles and framesets for anything from laden touring and audax-style riding to competitive cycling, in steel, using the traditional techniques of brazing, fillet brazing and silver soldering.

I began building cycle frames having spent more than 20 years testing and reviewing bikes and writing about the intricacies of cycling technology for publications including Cycling Weekly, Cycle Sport, Rouleur, Procycling and Cycling Plus.

Maker - Richard Hallett

Designer - Richard Hallett

Where - Wales






hamilton frameworks

Hamilton frameworks is a small independent custom bicycle builder who handcrafts steel and stainless steel bicycles in limited numbers from a small workshop based in Hertfordshire. After growing increasingly frustrated with not being able to find what I wanted in a bike on the market and being told what I wanted in a frame couldn’t be done. I decided that with having 14 years experience in the cycle industry as a shop and race mechanic, my grandfather being a steel engineer and my father who was a welder, it was time to venture in to building one that did. I pride myself on attention to detail in every bicycle that leaves my workshop, from tubing selection and design through to fabrication and finishing the complete build, everything is done in house so that the final product is always to the highest standard.

Maker - Tom Whitton

Designer - Tom Whitton

Where - Hertfordshire






Basel based full custom workshop designing broad range of bikes from race, commuting, touring, tandem and MTB frames made of titanium. Best Taiwanese-handmade frames with 30 years history. All our frame are designed inhouse using sophisticated 3D CAD tools. Each Frame and wheel is hand built to the needs and demands of the new owner. We are a highly specialized in bikes with Pinion, Rohloff and the Gates belt drive. But certainly derailleur shifted bikes are also our daily business.

Maker -

Designer - Biagio Colletto

Where - Basel, Switzerland

J.J. Balmestrasse 3 / CH-4053 Basel / Switzerland




ingrid component

A 2 years old brand with a new  vision in  bicycle transmission components' design. Ingrid is the fusion of different professionals figures: designers and engineers, but also consolidated riders who wanted to analyze and review the components of their two wheels.

Maker -Giulio Mancini

Designer - Giulio Mancini

Where - Italy

MOS via La Villa 28, Localita' Villa del Monte, 61034 Ghilardino PU, Italy





invicta custom

Home to Invicta Frameworks - Downland Cycles is a bike lovers paradise in rural Kent.

Each Invicta frame is unique - designed and handmade with meticulous attention to detail and a feeling like no other of being part of the proud heritage of British Frame Building.

Maker - Bryan Jackson

Designer - Bryan Jackson

Where - Nr Canterbury, Kent

Invicta Frameworks, Downland Cycles Ltd, 2 Stone Cottages, Lynsore Bottom, Upper Hardres, Canterbury, Kent CT4 6EG



 01227 70706


ISen Workshop

Combining their respective passions for craftsmanship, fine metalwork, and expert frame building, Caren Hartley of Hartley Cycles and Matt McDonough of Talbot Frameworks have collaborated to form Isen Workshop, a new brand of hand-built bikes based in London. First conceived as a project in 2016 and now fully operational, Isen’s mission is to create beautiful production bikes, hand-made from start to finish in the UK, in a range of sizes to fit all riders

Makers & Designers - Caren Hartley & Matt McDonough

Where - London




 07825 649 481

just riding along

Come and see our new range of JRA Wheels, light, tubeless wheels that cover most types of riding and now includes carbon rims. In our York workshop we lace and stress-relieve our wheels by machine for consistency and accuracy then each wheel is finished by hand. We offer the same exceptional quality of build as ever and using directly sourced components gives you the best value for money wheels

Maker - Jon Webb

Designer - Rebecca Webb

Where -  York

Just Riding Along, York Eco Business Centre, Amy Johnson Way, York, YO30 4AG




karussell cycles

I'm framebuilder in development, with a goal of turning side hobby into full time job. I try to build best handling frame for certain rider and purpose. I fillet braze my frames and make my own lugged forks. I draw my inspiration mainly from old school designs, be it racing cars, or other fuctional art. I translate those feelings into my frames and paintjobs.

Maker - David Krevs

Designer - David Krevs

Where - Slovenia





ld framework

My name is Davide and I'm a designer, I fill my free time building and designing bespoked steel bike frame. It's start everything with a bet with myself, saying:" Davide you can do it!" and become now an addiction. I love to challenge myself everytime with somethinng new, I like to design and build bespoked frame for my clients but i like to put everytime some of me in every project that I do and caring about all the detail, from ergonomics to the smallest detail like gps fixture or brake cable hangers. It's been almost 5 years since I started to do this.

Maker - Davide Leoni

Designer - Davide Leoni

Where - Bristol

 Vale Lane, Bristol, BS3 5RU





1989 is when it all started. Sig. Marco Bertoletti started designing and developing frames for some of the Europe’s most famous cycle brands. In 2009 Marco decided to create the new brand “LEGEND by Bertoletti” into which he put all of his experience & passion. LEGEND gives you the chance to visit the factory premises and see first-hand how your frame comes to life.

Maker - Marco Bertoletti

Designer - Marco Bertoletti

Where -  Italy

LEGEND FACTORY presso M.B. BIKE srl, Viale 1 Maggio 13/15, 24030 Presezzo BG Italy



 0117 9273444

l!fe bikes

Now in it's fourth year L!FE Bikes is a world first to teach GCSE Design and Technology through bicycle design and bicycle related products. L!FE Bikes is a project developed at the Department for Design and Technology at Adam's Grammar School in Shropshire. Over a two year course students learn how to design their own bicycles using BikeCAD and then make their own custom lugged steel frames. Complete bikes are assembled with the assistance of our own Cytech qualified engineer and parts are sourced through our project sponsors including Schwalbe Chicken Cyle kit and Brick lane Bikes.

Maker -

Designer -

Where -