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Bikes say a lot about yourself. Why then should a frame not be every bit as unique as the human being riding it? That's why I love and build custom frames. I don't do production runs. I build bespoke bikes, one by one, starting with design and the geometry to fit you like a glove, continuing with a hacksaw, a file, a TIG welder, a pipe bender and finishing everything off with an extensive manual finish and a bolt on headbadge. If I had a say everybody would ride a custom bike.

Maker - Mathias Scherer

Designer - Mathias Scherer

Where - Germany







On Wednesday afternoon, school is off and you can do anything you want.   At Mercredi, we make bikes for everyone to do just that.   Ride far and win races and the exact opposite too.   All about the ride, built in batches, never a filled fillet.

Maker - Adeline O'Moreau

Designer - Adeline O'Moreau

Where - London






After a professional life using my hands, I needed to ‘keep on keeping on’ in retirement. I am a passionate cyclist. I have enjoyed years of commuting to work by bicycle. Sometimes, that was the best bit of the day. I have also undertaken much

longer cycling trips. It therefore seemed reasonable to combine the need to use my hands, and that passion for the bicycle. I built my first frame at Downland Cycles. Thereafter I attended The Bicycle Academy to further develop my skills. I believe that the bike you jump on for a trip to the shops, the bike you commute on, head to the beach on, or go camping on, should be the bike that you just love. After all, why leave your favourite bike in the shed awaiting that rare, dry, and free Saturday morning,? You might as well await the blue moon. Why not ride ‘best’ all of the time?


Maker - Charlie Merivale

Designer - Charlie Merivale

Where - Dorset




Meteor works

Meteor Works is the name of the Factory in Which J K Starley invented the modern bicycle. Our Brand is a celebration British Innovation within bicycle Design. We have taken a selection of products from Great British brands and utilised them to create a classically styled but technically adept bicycle. Using the finest from Brooks, Reynolds through to our reimagined Sturmey archer hubs, the Meteor Works bicycle harks back to an era when you could ride your bike to work during the week and then go light touring at the weekends in great comfort.

Maker -  Lee Prescott

Designer -  Lee Prescott

Where - Warwickshire

Unit 9, Hatton Technology Park, Hatton, Warwickshire. CV35 8XB

Métier Vélo

Métier Vélo builds completely  custom bicycles with 3D-printed titanium lugs and filament-wound carbon-fiber tubes.  Métier Vélo designs a unique frame for each individual rider and builds them by hand one at a time for road, gravel or mountain. Métier Vélo also offers unique custom-designed, 3D-printed titanium parts.

Maker - Jamie White

Designer - Jamie White

Where - Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA

Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA



USA - 385 202 6148

moulton bicycles

Dr Alex Moulton pioneered the small wheeled bicycle revolution nearly 50 years ago. All of today's small wheeled cycles owe a debt of gratitude to the original Moulton 'F' frame design which not only introduced and proved the concept of full-size bicycles with small wheels, but also, right from launch in 1962, have utilised front and rear suspension systems for improved comfort and performance. The Moulton bicycle has been developed and refined constantly ever since and is held in high regard throughout the world.

Maker -

Designer -

Where - Wiltshire

The Moulton Bicycle Company, Holt Road, Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire, BA15 1AH



+44(0)1225 865895



Verity combined her love of all things cycling with her experience as a designer in the creation of Nichols Frameworks. A Specialist in multidisciplinary design, with a keen eye for detail, she utilises the best components to produce aesthetically beautiful bicycles built for the task. After Verity designs and builds the frames they are finished with a custom paint job, ensuring that every customer is provided with a one-of a kind companion.

Maker - Verity Nichols

Designer - Verity Nichols

Where -




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