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prova cycles

Prova was started by Mark Hester, a mechanical engineer with years of experience in automotive and motorsport. It was while working in the UK that Mark started the journey to becoming a framebuilder after a visit to an early Bespoked and spending time at TBA where the first few Prova's were built.

Mark is as happy on an EWS stage as at the coffee shop after a road loop and the bikes reflect the wide spectrum of riding he enjoys. One of biggest drivers for starting building frames is a passion for engineering design and while the bikes are respectful to the tradition of building they are also some of the first in the world to incorporate TIG welded 3D printed structures.

Maker - Mark Hester

Designer - Mark Hester

Where - Victoria Australia

Bakehouse Road, Kensington,  Victoria,  Australia



+(61) 0490 049 736




Quinntessential Colours

Quintessential Colours is a small custom paint and refinishing workshop that I started in 2017. After 11 years in the bicycle industry as a Workshop Manager, having helped and overseen people create and complete countless custom builds, I found real appreciation for hand built bicycles and those that have the skills to create such beautiful articles. I wanted to to go further than just finish the picture, that's when I was invited to Bespoked 2017 by Rakshasa Customs. Having known each other for several years and watching our progression, we decided to come together and create for his debut. It was in this experience that Quinntessential Colours came about. Following this, I Completed the Cole Coatings Intro to Paint course which sharpened my skill set and added new ones which has proved invaluable to providing a fully custom and professional finish to each project I undertake.

Painter - Paul Quinn

Where - South east London

South east London

quoc pham

Quoc stands for effortlessly stylish road, city & gravel cycling shoes. From cresting cols to city commutes, Quoc footwear evokes the very best of the British shoemaking tradition, blending timeless craftsmanship

with contemporary design.


Maker -

Designer - Quoc Pham

Where -

64 Southwark Bridge Road, London SE1 0AS




Rakshasa Customs

Cameron Jarvis was trained as a jewellery maker. However, before long, his favourite hobby led him to take up work as a bicycle mechanic. After more than a decade in the trade he is still as passionate about bikes as he was on day one. Cameron studied fillet brazing at the Bicycle Academy. He then spent a further two years servicing bikes by day and welding by night, thereby honing his craft. In 2016 Rakshasa Customs was born. We specialise in off-road frames as that’s what we know, and that’s what we ride. Utilising full tube sets, mixing and matching tubes from different manufacturers, and sometimes even producing our own, we create aesthetic, individual, and durable frames, ideally suited to the owner and to their particular riding style.


Maker - Cameron

Designer - Cameron

Where - London




07787 692 093


Innovation is at the heart of all we do. Reynolds Technology invented tube butting back in 1898 as a way to reduce weight safely, and almost 120 years on, this process is still being used on lightweight bike frames today. Reynolds first brought out the highly alloyed steel 531 back in 1935, introduced the first heat treated steel to the industry with the advent of 753 in 1976, and, most recently, have started exploring the possibilities of 3D printing technology, with 3D printed titanium dropouts now commercially available. Their super-steel 953 is currently the strongest tube-set available to builders, and with titanium, hydroformed aluminium, air-hardening 631 and 853, and cold-worked 921, there’s a material to meet every specification. Reynolds celebrate their 120th birthday this December and are still operating out of Birmingham where our story first began, well over a century ago.

Maker -

Designer -

Where -

Building 21, Shaftmoor Industrial Estate, 226 Shaftmoor Lane, Hall Green, Birmingham B28 8SP



(0) 121 777 3853


rink cycles

Rink Cycles stands for handmade and custom classic bicycles. All bicycles are created in close communication with our customers. Therefore, a Rink Cycle becomes a reflection of its owner. Classic craftsmanship, design, geometry and fittings merge into the process of creating a unique bike that meets 100% of the needs and expectations of our customer. At the same time, our customer has the chance to take part in the traditional craftsmanship of bicycle frame construction and can experience the new, modern method of creating a Unique Bicycle. We produce Race Bikes, Travel Bikes, Gravel Bikes, MTB's as well as Urban Bikes with or without e-power.

Maker - Juergen Putzi

Designer - Juergen Putzi

Where - Villach - Austria





robot bike co

We set out to build the ultimate mountain bikes, using the very best design, materials, and manufacturing technologies . We believe we have achieved that goal, and the reviews of our frames seem to agree. Each and every frame we make is custom made, we don’t believe in three sizes fits all. Using a combination of proprietary carbon tubes and titanium lugs that are produced using Additive Manufacturing (or 3d Printing as many call it) we are able to produce frames in any size/geometry, and they are made by hand here in the UK.

The team behind Robot Bike Co has experience in both the world of aerospace and F1, as well of course as the bike industry. We’ve also enlisted the expertise of other companies such as Renishaw, Altair and GRM, and individuals such as Dave Weagle who developed the DW6 suspension platform for us, one that has been simply described as the best there is.

Maker - Ed Haythornthwaite

Designer - Ben Farmer, Rob Gow, Andy Hawkins, Ed Haythornthwaite, Ben Robarts-Arnold

Where - Monmouth, Wales

Wyastone Business Park, Monmouth, NP25 3SR



01600 887 513

ryan builds wheels

Lovingly laced to obsessive perfection, we craft custom wheels just for you using the best tools and techniques available.

Now entering it's fourth year as a full time passion RyanBuildsWheels continues to go from strength to strength with 2018 seeing us launch a new endeavor - www.SpokesFromRyan.com -

providing custom cut spokes to the masses; ask us about our trade and public accounts!

We've bought down some of our most popular and favourite builds along with a whole bunch of hubs for you to handle; come take a look and spend a moment to get a quote on your next set or just to talk all things wheels.

Build your own? Come grab a pair of rim measurement spokes on the house!"


Maker - Ryan Downes

Designer - Ryan Downes

Where - Bristol



07534 583 568