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Exhibitors - New Builders

Maker - Michael Rushton

Designer - Michael Rushton


Where - South Ribble, Lancashire, England

Number Made PA - 3


Focusing on obscure, fillet brazed steel off road contraptions - Ultra compact 29ers, minimalist cyclocross, E-stays, curved tubes, custom cut dropouts and special needs.

Maker - Ped Baker

Designer - Ped Baker

Era cycles

Where - Stamford, Lincs

Number Made PA - <5


Pushbikes for petrolheads. Designs inspired by classic engineering and motorsport icons. Using techniques learnt on both sides of the Atlantic, ERA Cycles produce bespoke steel bikes that seamlessly blend together two disparate but complementary worlds.

Maker - Olly Webb

Designer - Olly Webb

DMO Frameworks

Where - Chippenham Wiltshire

Number Made PA -


A genuine, grass-roots family affair! DMO stands for ‘Dennis Michael Oliver’, Dennis is Oliver’s Granddad (a retired fabricator and sheet metal worker from Jaguar), Michael is Oliver’s Dad (a retired engineer from BMW) and Oliver is, well, the guy who sticks all the bits together!
The frames are manufactured in Olly’s workshop in Chippenham Wiltshire (his own words) “I say workshop – it’s a brick built 8′x6′ shed I like to call a workshop”).
Olly’s target is to make 10 frames a year, initially focusing on completely bespoke (no lugs or pre-bent, off the shelf tubing) 29′er mountain bike frames aimed at mountain bikers interested in extending those single day rides into Bike Packing adventures! For the uninitiated, Bike Packing entails strapping all your kit onto a bike for one, two or more nights out in the wilderness!

Email -

Phone -

Web -

Maker - Stuart Risby

Designer - Stuart Risby

Oyster Bikes

Where - Southampton

Number Made PA -


Oyster Bikes designs and builds bespoke suspension and hardtail mountain bikes. The suspension bikes feature a simple single pivot frame with a distinctive drive design. All frames are constructed in steel and T.I.G. welded. Bikes are either single speed or gearbox driven, resulting in simplicity and low maintenance. Each bike is developed with the client to ensure that their Oyster is tailored to their needs, from frame geometry and tube selection to fittings and colour. 

Maker - Matthew McDonald

Designer - Matthew McDonald

Renwick Bicycles

Where - Penzance, Cornwall

Number Made PA -


Renwick. Custom steel bicycles. 

Cargo, freight or utility bikes for errands, the school run and shopping. Any excuse for a bike ride, all week long.

Maker - Matt Teague

Designer - Matt Teague

Teague Bicycles

Where - London, England

Number Made PA - 6


Matt Teague started building bicycles in 2011 in east London, mostly for friends and family and mostly because he was unable to find exactly what he wanted for everyday use in and around London.
He believes that bicycles are the ultimate personal transport solution for medium and short distances (and long ones too – time permitting) and seeks to build machines that will soak up the rigours of daily life on the road.
Frames are built in a variety of techniques, but lugged steel predominates because it is strong, lightweight and timeless.

Maker -  Liam Murray and Daniel Murray

Designer - Liam Murray


Where - Tipperary, Ireland

Number Made PA -


Woodelo is a new company with the aim of producing high performance wooden bicycle frames. We take traditional materials and craftsmanship source everything as locally as possible, then combine with modern design and manufacturing techniques to produce frames of natural beauty and unique ride comfort. All frames are made to order, we do of course have our stock geometry but you can also have a wooden frame made to your individual geometry and specifications. We can even show you a picture of the tree it came from!


Unit 2 Drangan Enterprise Units, Drangan, Thurlas, Tipperary, Ireland

Web -

email -

Phone -

Maker - Phil Taylor

Designer - Phil Taylor

Libertine Bicycles

Where - Stroud, Gloucestershire

Number Made PA - 12 (1 a month)


Custom Bicycles Handmade in Stroud

Awaiting Information

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Stroud, Gloucestershire

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Maker - Henry James

Designer - Henry James


Where -

Number Made PA -


Having a passion for using natural materials, working as a bicycle mechanic and a love of cycling, has led me to making Boocycles.
Bamboo bikes are becoming increasingly popular. The others that I have seen are only frames partially consisting of bamboo. Therefore each time I begin making I set out to make more of the bike from bamboo than previously. In addition I am not just making the bikes for show, but comparable to other, far more tried and tested materials, in an effort to make the most environmentally friendly mode of transport.


Maker - Darron Coppin

Designer - Darron Coppin

Sven Cycles

Where -

Number Made PA -


Darron Sven has been building and repairing vintage race cars and motorcycles for many years and in 2012 returned to his first love, bicycles, setting up Sven Cycles in Weymouth Dorset. Building lightweight road and track bikes he has recently been collaborating with Mog Mogford (ex Brixton Cycles) to build classically styled hub geared roadsters with a modern twist.

Also offers bike fitting service and frame repairs/renovation.

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