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Exhibitors - New Builders

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Maker - Ted James

Designer - Ted James


Ted James Design

Where - Stroud

Number Made PA - Not many, soon to be much more


Ted James Design was founded in 2010 by Ted ‘Superted’ James. Known for his fixed gear trick riding, Ted started building frames five years ago and has since made a name for himself as a top builder, winning the Peer Award at Bespoked 2013 and being chosen by Reynolds to build the first 921 stainless frame for testing. Ted builds all kinds of bikes, from custom one-offs and prototypes to small batches, mostly in steel, stainless steel and has successfully built in titanium. He also makes a lot of his own parts (head tubes, bottom bracket shells etc.) and does various machining processes on his own manual machines, which include lathes and milling machines. Ted’s bikes, which have been described as “future collectables”, are all hand made in the UK by Ted.


Unit S3 Inchbrook Trading Estate, Bath Road, Woodchester, Stroud, GL5 5EY

Email - info@tedjamesdesign.com

Web - www.tedjamesdesign.com/

Phone - 01453 298401.


Maker -

Designer -


Where -

Number Made PA -


Vulpine are a British design-obsessed apparel company who launched in 2012. We make high-end clothing from performance materials that is stylish both on and off the bike, strongly influenced by British tailoring.
We have a nice blog talking about all things cycling. Our ethos is creative and inclusive and passionate.
We also organise the Vulpine Cycling Fete.
Come take a comfy seat with us and have a chat. We will have treats.

facebook30a1b1a1 twitter2a2a1

Unit 5 Brook Willow Farm Woodlands Road, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 0A, United Kingdom

Web - www.vulpine.cc

Email - info@vulpine.cc

Phone - 02031514100


Maker - Eric Estlund

Designer - Eric Estlund

Winter Bicycles

Where - Springfield, Oregon, United States

Number Made PA -

flicker1b1a1 obcalogoheaderphraseweb

Winter Bicycles manufactures custom bicycles and luxurious necessities including forks, stems, racks and other fittings. All products are individually tailored for the customer’s needs by Eric Estlund in Eugene, Oregon.  Winter Bicycles carry a sense of year round versatility with an emphasis on fresh, clean design, practical features and subtle detailing. 
Eric will work with you to incorporate the design and features relevant for your uses and priorities, from performance race bikes to everyday city bikes and commuters. Winter Bicycles’ goal is to put you on the best fitting and performing bicycle for your specific needs.

Web - www.winterbicycles.com

Email - info@winterbicycles.com

Phone - 001 541.556.5156

Designer - Dan Titchmarsh

Maker - Dan Titchmarsh

Titchmarsh Cycles

Where - York

Number Made PA - 15

facebook30a2a1 twitter2b1c

Based 12 miles east of York

Web - www.titchmarshcycles.com

Email - titchmarsh@outlook.com

Phone - 07851058146

I build quality bespoke bicycles for the discerning cyclist.  Each bicycle is a one-off and is tailored to fit your shape and tastes.  Every frame is individually designed and handbuilt by myself, in my workshop near York.  I like a clean aesthetic and believe that form follows function.  I've been obsessed with engineering and cycling basically all my life.  I have the skills, experience and knowledge to go the extra mile for you to create something very special.  My focus is on building road, cross and off-road bicycles in steel, stainless and titanium, joined with fillet brazing or TIG.


Maker - Matt McDonough

Designer - Matt McDonough

Talbot Frameworks

Where -

Number Made PA -


Talbot Frameworks makes quality steel road, cyclocross, touring, track and mountain bike frames. The frames are designed and built in South London, in a workshop attached to Blue Door Bicycles, a shop that until 2010 was owned by the Talbot family, who had built frames in the same workshop from the 1950's. The frames are designed and built by Matt McDonough and once painted, the complete bikes are assembled in the Blue Door Bicycles workshop. In addition to framebuilding we build high quality and specialist wheels under the name 'Talbot Wheelworks'. Wheels are built by Justin Russell. We will be displaying a variety of frames, complete bikes and wheels.

5 and 7 Central Hill, Crystal Palace, London, SE19 1BG

Web - http://www.talbotframeworks.co.uk

Email - matt@talbotframeworks.co.uk

Phone - 020 8670 9767

Maker - Gareth Howell

Designer - Gareth Howell

Tatts and Beards Workshop

Where - London

Number Made PA -


Tatts and Beards workshop has a pretty diverse area of work, from paint and small machining jobs through to full custom builds, from bmx to 'penny farthings', all done in house. We're constantly learning new techniques, so expect something a little out of the ordinary, although I couldn't tell you exactly what it'll be yet!

facebook30a1a1c twitter2a1a3

Web - http://tandbworkshop.co.uk

Email - http://tandbworkshop.co.uk/contact-us/

Phone -

Maker -

Designer -

Tubal Cain - MRD AKA Tim March

Where -

Number Made PA -

MRD is the worlds oldest rider owned BMX company, started by Tim March in 1981 33 years ago now. after a hiatus of 1,000,000 years we're back making hand made BMX frames again from tubing thats made in the UK. Come on over and see us and tell us about your crappy raleigh burner and lets talk skids wheelies and bunny hops. please dont mention the Miami hopper though as i might have to clip you round the ear.
Tubal Cain is my handmade bike co that where i make stuff i like and see if you like it too..All brazed and made from 853 and T45 "The Tracker"  bike won the "spirit of cycling" in 2012 at Bristol Bespoke, after missing the show in 2013 due to a family bereavement i'm  back again in 2014 cause i like Tessa and Phil and the show is amazing.. get your asses down to the smoke and see some great bikes from all the exhibitors. 


Web -

Email -

Phone -

Maker - Toby Gallagher

Designer - Toby Gallagher

Toad Custom Cycles

Where - Hungerford

Number Made PA -


Toad Custom Cycles design and hand build bespoke steel framed bicycles, using traditional methods, in a small workshop in Kintbury, West Berkshire.
Each bicycle is uniquely designed and crafted for the individual, to their specific requirements, using the finest materials.
Since 2012, Toad has created a diverse range of bicycles, from a tough go-anywhere Fillet Brazed 29er MTB through to a Lugged Ladies Randonneur with step-through frame and full panniers, a classically styled road racer to a quirky one-off cargo runaround

facebook30a1a1c3 twitter2a1a4

Web - http://www.toad.cc

Email -

Phone -


Makers - Marco & Paulo

Designer -


Where - Grosseto Tuscany

Number Made PA - 2500


Tommasini has been producing and selling racing bikes since the Second World War. The essence of Tommasini is steeped in history, experience and technical know-how. The continuous research into better ways of building racing bikes has put Tommasini at the forefront of the market.
The entire Tommasini range is hand crafted by highly skilled technicians in the factory at Grosseto Tuscany. Since the introduction of carbon fibre as the base material Tommasini has with its continuous research and development produced a racing bike that not only is lightweight but gives a comfort ride that is unique.


Web - http://www.tommasini.it/eng/index.php

Email -

Phone -

Maker - Edvinas

Designer - Edvinas

Tsubasa Bicycles 

Where - Hackney, London

Number Made PA -


Tsubasa is a mini workshop concentrating on a custom bicycle frame design made out of carbon fiber. We also will be displaying our prototype saddles. Everything is 100% designed, tested and produced in house: tubes, carbon lugs etc.

22 Smeed Road, Hackney, London, E3 2NR

Web - tsubasabicycles.com

Email - vavunas@gmail.com

Phone -

Maker -

Designer -

Union of Pedallers

Where -

Number Made PA -


Faced with impenetrable competition from big multi-national brands, a group of small independents has come together to form Union of Pedallers, a distribution company with a difference. Union of Pedallers is a bicycle parts and accessories distribution company supporting and distributing the small, the unique and the innovative. Brands on display - Full Windsor, Restrap, BikeParka, (maybe Miltag) We are looking to have too green stands next to each other

facebook30a1a1c6 twitter2a1a7

Unit 5, 30 -34 Aire Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS14HT

Web - http://www.unionofpedallers.cc

Email - sales@unionofpedallers.cc

Phone - +44 (0) 113 245 1128

Maker -

Designer -

Wildcat Gear

Where - Wales

Number Made PA -


Wildcat Gear are dedicated to making custom frame bags and other storage equipment for bikepacking, cycle touring, epic or multi-day excursions by bike.  Our products currently include custom frame bags and a unique handlebar harness system.

Based in Wales, our design inspiration comes from a huge expanse of wild and challenging terrain on our doorstep. Whether you ride road, off road or commute with your bike, we can design and custom build a frame bag, pack or harness for your bike to make riding with equipment easier, safer and more comfortable.

vimeo1a1a8 twitter2a1a8

Web - http://www.wildcatgear.co.uk

Email - http://www.wildcatgear.co.uk/info/contact/

Phone -

Maker - Matt Wilkinson

Designer - Matt Wilkinson

Wilkinson Cycles

Where - London

Number Made PA -


Matt Wilkinson is a London-based frame builder. Since being awarded the best new builder award in 2012 Matt has continued to hone his torch skills, and is a fully trained production brazer at Brompton. He's also developing his own frame building praxis, and intends to exhibit some of the ideas he is currently exploring.

Web - http://www.wilkinsoncycles.com

Email - mwilkinsoncycles@gmail.com

Phone -

Maker - Mindaugas Zukauskas

Designer - Mindaugas Zukauskas

Wittson Custom Ti Cycles

Where - Lithuania

Number Made PA -


Already well known as a frame-builder for COLNAGO, Vidmantas “Vitas” Zukauskas has been building best-selling frames from the mid-90s, going by the names Monotitan, Ovaltitan, Ovalmaster, Master BiTitan, CT1, etc. These works of master craftsmanship are broadly recognized and their quality speaks for itself. Over time, Vitas has become more and more well known as a master in ti frame building with worldwide orders from cyclists that value craftsmanship. His son has become involved in ti frame building and they have embarked on a new journey with WITTSON. These are bespoke tailor-made frames built to last a lifetime.

facebook30a1a1c9 twitter2a1a10

Silutes pl. 57, LT-94105 Klaipeda, Lithuania

Web - http://www.wittson.com

Email - hello@wittson.com

Phone - +370 600 38 775

Maker - Dominic Thomas

Designer - Dominic Thomas

Wold Cycles

Where - Lincolnshire, UK

Number Made PA -


Launched in January 2014, we make bicycles in Lincolnshire. Our bikes are designed and built with function and utility as their core. Our manufacturing process has an emphasis on precision so that a very high level of quality is repeatable on every single frame that leaves our workshop. 'Wold by Bentley' is the arm of our business designing and machining parts and tools for other frame builders to purchase. At the Bespoked show we will be launching our production range of frames as well as displaying our full range of 'Wold by Bentley' products.


Web - http://www.woldcycles.co.uk

Email - enquiries@woldcycles.co.uk

Phone -

Maker - Kevin Sayles

Designer -

Woodrup Cycles

Where - Leeds

Number Made PA -


Each Woodrup frame is individually hand crafted to the customers requirements for geometry and specification leading to a completely unique frame and a true work of art. We have over 60 years experience of frame building and export our work world wide. All our frames are made from steel and we can design and build you anything from a very traditional touring bike, modern hub-gear belt drive do-it-all bike, hardtail Mountain Bike or modern 953 Stainless Steel race bike

facebook30a1a1c11 twitter2a1a12

345/7 kirkstall rd, Leeds, UK

Web - http://www.woodrupcycles.com

Email - sales@woodrupcycles.com

Phone - 0113 2636212

Maker -  Liam Murray and Daniel Murray

Designer - Liam Murray


Where - Tipperary, Ireland

Number Made PA -


Woodelo is a new company with the aim of producing high performance wooden bicycle frames. We take traditional materials and craftsmanship source everything as locally as possible, then combine with modern design and manufacturing techniques to produce frames of natural beauty and unique ride comfort. All frames are made to order, we do of course have our stock geometry but you can also have a wooden frame made to your individual geometry and specifications. We can even show you a picture of the tree it came from!


Unit 2 Drangan Enterprise Units, Drangan, Thurlas, Tipperary, Ireland

Web - www.woodelo.ie/

email - liam@woodelo.ie

Phone -

Maker - Matt Teague

Designer - Matt Teague

Teague Bicycles

Where - London, England

Number Made PA - 6


Matt Teague started building bicycles in 2011 in east London, mostly for friends and family and mostly because he was unable to find exactly what he wanted for everyday use in and around London.
He believes that bicycles are the ultimate personal transport solution for medium and short distances (and long ones too – time permitting) and seeks to build machines that will soak up the rigours of daily life on the road.
Frames are built in a variety of techniques, but lugged steel predominates because it is strong, lightweight and timeless.

Web -

Email - teaguebicycles@gmail.com

Phone -


Maker - David

Designer -


Where - Plymouth

Number Made PA -


Velo-smith.com·has its genesis·over thirteen years ago sparked by a desire to be self-sufficient in wheel maintenance and construction. ·Velo-smith.com established itself formerly in 2011 with a collective of enthusiasts bringing different skills to the company. In 2013 a full-time workshop and LOOK Premium dealership was established·in Plymouth, Devon. Velo-smith.com has spent years researching and developing products in particular carbon fibre, which are raced·on and off road across the South West of England.··Selecting the best components to suit each individual rider, Velo-smith.com uses the finest tools blended with years of experience to build to the highest tolerances with excellent aftercare and post-production support.

Pryn Court, Millfields, Plymouth, Devon, PL1 3JB, England

Web - http://www.velo-smith.com

Email - david@velo-smith.com

Phone - 07557940983

Maker -

Designer -

Veloboo design

Where -

Number Made PA -


We founded our company in 2009 with one purpose: to create something unique. A product, that we can be pride of. After 5 years of hard team work, it is the right time to present the amazing result to the public. Our vision was to create a bicycle, which is valuable and exciting by combining classical looks with a state of the art technology. We handcrafted this bike from bottom to top just for you from bamboo and 24K gold platted components.

Web - www.veloboodesign.com

Email - info@veloboodesign.com

Phone -

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