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Maker - Tim Rowan

Designer - Tim Rowan

Rowan Frameworks

Where - Woodchurch, England

Number Made PA -


Rowan Frameworks is a one man operation from Woodchurch England. Set on a small old farm turned creative workplace, I design and craft one of a kind custom steel bicycles with enthusiasm and love. I get most satisfaction from making something well; a bicycle that will last a lifetime and not only fit perfectly the riders geometry, but also be a reflection of their personality and style.

Web - http://www.rowanframeworks.com

Email - timmy@rowanframeworks.com

Phone -


Maker - Rob Farrer

Designer - Rob Farrer

Farrer Cycles

Where - Malton, North Yorkshire

Number Made PA -


I'm Rob Farrer and I started the passion for framebuilding at the age of 18.

2 years on and I've made numerous prototype frames and established a workshop and tooling to build hand crafted bicycle frames. I specialise in building hardtail mountain bikes in all wheel sizes, for shredding your local trails.

#Made to Shred


Web - http://www.farrercycles.co.uk

Email - rob_farrer@hotmail.co.uk

Phone -


Maker - Caren Hartley

Designer - Caren Hartley

Hartley Cycles

Where - London

Number Made PA - 5


Hartley Cycles is the culmination of over 10 years of fine metalwork and a love affair with cycling. From a small workshop in South London, Caren Hartley creates beautiful bespoke steel and stainless steel bicycles uniquely tailored to each client.  As one of the UK’s few female frame builders, Caren is passionate about making bikes for both women and men that are equal in beauty and performance, and most importantly perfectly fitted to the rider..


Web - http://www.hartleycycles.com

Email - info@hartleycycles.com

Phone - 07717362873


Maker - Douglas Windeler and Jonathan Byford

Designer - Douglas Windeler and Jonathan Byford


Where - Stroud

Number Made PA - 4


Doug and Johnny are a car hating engineer and artist duo, who fabricate custom bicycle frames with unique paint.

Web - www.postworkshop.co.uk

Email - contact@postworkshop.co.uk

Phone -


Maker - Stephen Hilton

Designer - Stephen Hilton

Hilton Cycles

Where - Chorley, Lancashire

Number Made PA - 3


Stephen Hilton, retired, frame building hobbyist to friends and family. hoping to show how you can produce decent bespoke bicycles at home. I am keen to impart as much knowledge as I can muster through a website aimed at frame building hobbyists and would like to receive input into this learning from other's experience.

Web - http://noviceframebuilder.co.uk

Email -

Phone -

Maker - Mauro Nappolini

Designer - Mauro Nappolini

Nappolini Bicycles

Where - Made in a rural Worcestershire

Number Made PA -


Nappolini Bicycles makes hand-made road bikes for the discerning rider. Designed for a uniquely personal riding experience, each bike is made to measure at my workshop in Worcestershire using only the finest quality modern steel. I will be displaying an unpainted road bike so that you can admire my workmanship  as much as the bike itself. Drop by and say hello.

Web -

Email -

Phone -

Maker - Hywel Evans

Designer - Hywel Evans

HEVANS Custom Cycles

Where - Plymouth, England

Number Made PA -


Do you remember your first crawl, or first step on the way to your first fall; probably not. But I bet you remember your first bike, and that day when Mum or Dad said ‘but I'm not holding you now . . .' and you were free. That's why bikes are so important, bound up in memories of childhood and giving us our first taste of real freedom. I make steel bicyles in my spare time out back in the shed. I like to make bikes that will do want you want them to do . . .  in style; bikes that will take you anywhere you want to go and be a pleasure to ride, in a spirit of adventure.

Web - www.hevanscc.co.uk

Email - ehywelevans@gmail.com

Phone - +44 (0)7906770824

Maker - Richard Hatfield

Designer - Richard Hatfield

hatfield cycles

Where - Stroud

Number Made PA - 2


Hatfield Fabrication is a small venture born from the joy of making and the pleasure of riding
Fillet brazed, bespoke steel frames made for riding hills. Road, cross or Mountain, uphill or down.
As a life long cyclist and maker, building bespoke houses, it is a joy to make the bike frames that I ride. I try to combine tradition with modern concepts and produce a bike that is practical, beautiful and makes you want to ride it.
The show bike is a fillet brazed 29er cross country mountain bike. Built from Reynolds 853 with a Niner biocentric Bottom bracket. The bike is designed for minimum maintenance, running belt drive and a Nexus 11 hub gear. Paintwork also by Hatfield Fabrication

Web -

Email -

Phone - 07766 – 395 386

Maker - Gerald Gilbert

Designer - Gerald Gilbert

Gerald Gilbert and Bronze Cycle Co

Where - Somerset

Number Made PA -

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As a modelmaker and a cyclist, it was inevitable that this would lead me down the path of making model bicycles. I have made bicycle models in gold, silver and now am specialising in bronze. It was after making a working model of a track bike that I decided to attempt making the real thing and have enjoyed many hours at the velodrome riding my own designed and handbuilt track bike. My next project was less traditional and I derived much pleasure from creating a bicycle to my own design. I am now selling real bronze models of different styles of bicycles and cycling related keyrings. Suggestions for which bikes should feature in the range are always welcome!

Web - www.geraldgilbert.co.uk

Web - www.bronzecycle.co.uk

Email - gerald.gilbert@tiscali.co.uk

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