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Exhibitors - New Builders

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Makers - Bryan Jackson and Martyn Hay

Designer - Bryan Jackson

Downland Cycles

Where - Nr Canterbury

Number Made PA - 15


Frame Building School in rural Kent. 
Our motto is YOU - Design It - Mitre It - Braze It - Ride It.
Stay in our bunk house on site and enjoy Julie's home cooked meals and cakes.
Great local pubs for that post ride beer in the evenings.
Invicta Custom Frames designed and built by Bryan to your specification.

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Downland Cycles, Training Centre, 2 Stone Cottages, Lynsore Bottom, Upper Hardres, Canterbury, Kent. CT4 6EG.


Email - lulie@downlandcycles.co.uk

Phone - 01227 709706

Maker - Massimo

Designer - Massimo

Faggin Bikes

Where - Padova, Italia

Number Made PA - 30


We are a little Italian family still producing frames with love like the old times. Cicli Faggin born in 1945 in Padova. We are part of the italian cycling history. Our frames have won world and Italian road, track and cyclocross races. We are still producing custom steel, alloy and carbon frames.


Via Jacopo Filiasi 436, Padova,PD 35128, Italy

Web - www.fagginbikes.com

Email - info@fagginbikes.com

Phone - +39049776246

Maker - Daccordi family

Designer - Mr Luigi Daccordi

Daccordi S.R.L

Where - San Miniato (Pisa), Italy

Number Made PA -


Last year was our 75th anniversary, but really we look younger than ever! The firm was founded in 1937 by two great keens on cycle races who decided to make their passion a job, working into a small workroom. One of them was Giuseppe Daccordi and today the third generation is coming up… We are specialized in building top quality frames and complete bikes, designed and made in our new and modern building in the heart of Tuscany, close to Florence. To realize our products we are inspired by bike passion so our mission is building bikes which are like us: genuine, reliable and always new! We are frame builders from more than 75 years and this extraordinary experience makes us able to work any sort of material: steel, aluminium, titanium and every sort of composite fibre.

Web - http://www.daccordicicli.com

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Phone -

Maker - Various

Designer - Festka


Where - Czech Republic

Number Made PA -


Each frame comes with a birth certificate that was personally signed by the whole Festka family who participated on its production. We don’t have a factory in China but a number of workshops all over the Czech republic. Each and every part of our frames comes from local production. We believe in craftsmanship, in experience of masters, in individual approach and we constantly strive to come up with innovative approach to work with traditional and new age materials. Our family members share passion for seemingly crazy ideas, enjoy moving from a place to place on two wheels and long to be better than good. Festka is cycling built on pleasure>

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Festka, Jana Masaryka 28, Praha 2, 120 00, Czech Republic

Web - http://www.festka.com

Email - store@festka.com

Phone -


Maker -

Designer -

Evolution Imports

Where -

Number Made PA -


 Evolution will be displaying products from , Cielo frames, Chris King, and Pacenti Rims

They will be joined on the stand by Chris King himself!

Web - http://www.evolutionimports.co.uk

Email -

Phone -

Independent Fabrication


Maker -

Designer -

Where - New Hampshire

Number Made PA -


Independent Fabrication has been a pioneer in the manufacturing of custom bicycles and bicycle frames since 1995. Today the IF team of artists and fabricators continue to push the envelope by using the newest metal technologies and refining accepted techniques. But even as production methods become more sophisticated with the use of carbon fiber and titanium shotpeening, the IF team continues to make bikes by hand and respects the craftsmanship of the old way. But they’ll never stop doing things their own way. THAT'S INDEPENDENT FABRICATION

Web - http://www.mosquito-bikes.co.uk

Email -

Phone -

Maker - Jon Web

Designer -

just riding along

Where - Sheffield

Number Made PA -


We build custom bicycle wheels for commuting, racing or just riding along. We make choosing your wheels easy, informative and helpful.
Every wheel is expertly built by hand in our workshop with the parts you have chosen to fit you and your bike
Improvements in new materials and tubeless technology combined with the application of tested hand building techniques ensure that our wheels are - and stay - the best.

Web - www.justridingalong.com

Email - info@justridingalong.com

Phone - 0114 2864900

Maker - Phil Taylor

Designer - Phil Taylor

Libertine Bicycles

Where - Stroud, Gloucestershire

Number Made PA - 12 (1 a month)


Libertine bicycles are designed, made, painted and ridden by Phil Taylor in Stroud, Gloucestershire. Frames are tig welded and made from steel and stainless steel with the emphasis on fit and ride quality. As the founder of Bespoked the UK Handmade Bicycles Show, Phil has had the pleasure of spending time with some of the best framebuilders in the world and works everyday with handmade bicycles. 
Having spent the last 6 years making, designing and testing bicycles Phil is adept at creating your perfect bike.

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Stroud, Gloucestershire

Web - www.libertinebicycles.co.uk

Email - phil@libertinebicycles.co.uk

Phone - 01453 297220


Makers - Lee, Tig, Zonc and Jeff

Designers - Lee, Tig, Zonc and Jeff



Where -

Number Made PA - 30

Fabricating, framebuilding, renovating ·and custom build for your delectation and interest.
Touring, Audax, Racing, Trikes, Tandems, Tandem Trikes.
We also make specialist trikes for disabled folks - whether you are a paralympian or wishing just to pootle along the lanes. With years of experience at our fingertips we can make a wide range of machines and are able to 'fit' whateveryour requirements allowing you to follow your own road.


Albert Street, Chesterton, Staff ST5 7JF,

Web - http://longstaffcycles.com

Email -

Phone - 01782 561966

Maker -

Designer -

Kinoko Cycles

Where -

Number Made PA -

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Maker -

Designer -

Kirchner Custom Castings

Where -

Number Made PA -

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Maker - Gianni Pegoretti,

Designer - Gianni Pegoretti, Matthew cazzaniga


Where - Terento, Italy

Number Made PA -

We believe that in a moment when all of the big brands are essentially offering the same thing, that we want to offer something different than what is on the market. Our choice has come about partly by the desire to recuperate some of the traditional working methods and to keep alive the tradition of Italian frame building, but at the same time to transform it and bring it into modern times. It is for this reason that we have selected carbon as the new frontier and steel as the traditional. We produce - for the moment - just 2 models.
One, road and track, made using traditional lugged steel. We use Deda tubing with the other elements being selected to the required design. Classic geometry with a level top tube. The second, our road frame in carbon, is made to measure and the joints are wrapped. This technique allows us to personalise the geometry of the frame to the riders physical dimensions. All the tubes used to make the frame are made from our designs and are all manufactured in Italy. For this frame we have chosen to use geometry with a lightly slopping top tube.


Web - http://www.deanima.it

Email - info@deanima.it

Phone -

Maker - Petor Georgallou

Designer -

dear susan

Where - Notting Hil, Londonl

Number Made PA - 12


I trained as a sculptor, and worked as a bicycle mechanic and fabricator. I've been assembling bicycles and riding bicycles and working in some aria of cycling for all of my adult life and so frame building was unavoidable. I have recently opened a small machine shop in north west London, building unconventional frames for unconventional people. I like to build frames that don't already exist as much as possible. I recently built a tall audax bike, and i'm currently working on a fast road bike for a very large man, a fat tourer with integrated racks, a 29+ super tourer with a tiny 100cc engine, and a 2 speed butchers bike. It feels odd to say about myself but I suppose I'm quite eccentric and so I like to build eccentric bicycles for eccentric people. Details are important, but only to me and the bicycle’s owner, beyond that I want to build bicycles that work beautifully and make people smile, that anyone can look at with no prior bicycle knowledge or appreciation, and enjoy.

Web - http://www.dearsusan.co.uk

Email - info@dearsusan.co.uk

Phone -

Maker - Bartek Basinski

Designer - Bartek Basinski

exigo bikes

Where - Norwich

Number Made PA - 10


Exigo Bikes is a relatively new company making steel bicycle and frames in Norwich. We have started our exiting journey on 1st February 2014. We specialize in Road, Track and MTB bikes. We take proud of each step in preparation and production of every single bicycle and its details. We use dedicated artisan painter to fulfil every customer idea about the look and colour. We also partnered with other small businesses around Norwich and Norfolk to take the brand to everyone and make higher awareness across the region. We love detailed work and we aim to show that on each bike we make. We are proud to display Road bicycles for men and women and one All Mountain MTB

Exigo Bikes Ltd, FSG Signs Ltd, Unit 6, 60-62 Pitt Street, Norwich, NR3 1DF

Web - www.exigobikes.co.uk

Email - exigobikes@gmail.com

Phone -

Maker - Richard Hallett

Designer - Richard Hallett

hallett handbuilt cycles

Where - Wales

Number Made PA - 15


I build cycles and framesets for anything from fast touring and audax-style riding to competitive cycling, in steel, on jigs of my own design and construction using the traditional techniques of brazing, fillet brazing and silver soldering. I will be displaying a selection of touring and sportive/racing framesets.
I began building cycle frames having spent more than 20 years testing and reviewing bikes and writing about the intricacies of cycling technology. Technical editor of Cycling Weekly and Cycle Sport for over a decade, I have written for Rouleur, Procycling and Cycling Plus magazines and recently launched Sportif Magazine.

Web - http://www.halletthandbuiltcycles.com

Email - richardhallett@btinternet.com

Phone -

Maker - Koushou

Designer - Koushou

helavna cycles

Where - Tokyo, Japan

Number Made PA -

A frame-builder from Tokyo, Japan. I like travel and stay at lot of places.
I believe every single moment is precious, it gives me experience and inspiration for my work and makes me who I am- what I see, talk, eat, etc. a word just like "You are what you eat."
I studied 3 years at a long-time established frame builder's workshop, learned the method of frame building and assemble to complete bicycle. Started a workshop, 2010- named Helavna Cycles.
Helavna (hèlˈʌvnˈʌ) is play on words from Hera-buna (funa); a Japanese crucian carp, a species in the genus Cassius. It is well known in fishing and has proverb “Starts from funa, and ends in funa”, means funa fishing is from beginners to experts and enthusiastics.


Web - http://www.helavnacycles.com

Email -

Phone -


Maker - Diel and his father, Luc Vaneenooghe

Designer - Steven Ledoux

jaegher airlight steel race cycles

Where - Belgium

Number Made PA - 150

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A premium Belgian race cycle brand
Jaegher produces handmade, airlight steel frames for race cycles. These cycles are completely custom-made by one of the most talented frame builders in Belgium, Diel Vaneenooghe. Diel descents from a family that has been making race cycles for generations. Eddy Merckx, amongst other great Belgian cyclists, celebrated his greatest victories on a frame built by Diel’s ancestors. He’s a cyclo-maniac who obsessively screens and scans every Jaegher to the millimetre before it leaves the workshop


Bruggestraat 120, Ruiselede 8755, Belgium

Web - http://www.jaegher.com

Email - ateliers@jaegher.com

Phone -

Maker - Till Breitfuss

Designer - Paule Guerin


Where - France

Number Made PA - 50


Keim was founded by Designer Paule Guerin and prototypist Till Breitfuss to create minimalist and performing bicycles.

Our monocoque bicycle-frames are build from white-ash veneers and high-modulus resin using composite technology.

3 rue des Canches ZA de la Gare, Savonnieres 37510 , France

Web - http://www.keim-edition.com

Email -

Phone -

Maker -

Designer - David Blight

derailleur england

Where -

Number Made PA -


The Derailleur range of entirely English handmade bags in traditional waterproof canvas, oiled leathers and English bridle leathers are a new development of a cycle luggage company founded in 1979 by designer David Blight. Primarily designed to use the companies specialist fixing system for folding bikes as well as ultimate classic style off the bike.

Web - http://www.stitchingworkshop.co.uk

Email -

Phone -

Maker - Harry Harrison

Designers - Field cycles collective

Field Cycles

Where - Sheffield

Number Made PA - 15- 20 frames + various components. 


Field Cycles is collaboration between a group of friends from various art, design and engineering disciplines. The partnership was developed out of a common pursuit for a hand built steel bicycle frame in a return to artisan craftsmanship and a personal obsession with the bespoke production process. The Framesets are fabricated one at a time with care and attention paid to the unique Field cycles details. The production process is the combination of the maker’s personal skill and the customer’s interpretation of the iconic object the bicycle. Each frame is truly a unique object in the world.


Web - www.fieldcycles.com

Email - harry@fieldcycles.com

Phone - 07769693970

Head Framebuilder - Marco Bertoletti

Designer - Marco Bertoletti


Where - Bergamo Italy

Number Made PA - 500


1989 is when it all started. Sig. Marco Bertoletti started designing and developing frames for some of the Europe’s most famous cycle brands. In 2009 Marco decided to create the new brand “LEGEND by Bertoletti” into which he put all of his experience & passion. LEGEND gives you the chance to visit the factory premises and see first-hand how your frame comes to life.

LEGEND FACTORY presso M.B. BIKE srl, Viale 1 Maggio 13/15, 24030 Presezzo BG Italy

Web - wwww.legendfactory.it

Email - info@legendfactory.it

Phone -


Maker - Tom Donhou

Designer - Tom Donhou

Donhou Bicycles

Where - London

Number Made PA - 30


Using traditional methods but not afraid to throw in a few modern ones we build beautiful bicycles. They're built with the foundations of clear thinking and a love for working with the customer and the design process in which your dream bicycle is translated from mind to physical being. Parts are sourced from the UK as much as possible and its important to be as gentle on our world as we can. But in the end, it's handing over your bicycle knowing that it is truly an extension of yourself and both of us excited about the road that lays in front of it...

facebook30a1a1b twitter2a1a2

East London

Web - www.donhoubicycles.com

Email -tom@donhoubicycles.com

Phone - 07828 817 081


Maker -

Designer - Mike Hickman


Where -

Number Made PA -


Mike Hickman is a designer with a bike frame design like no other. Its unique feature is the ability to adjust the saddle and handlebars so that most riders, whatever their physical builds, can achieve their ideal riding position. This is possible by either mimicking your existing bike or by setting up the frame according to a specific set of dimensions from a “Bike Fit” session. Either method also gives the rider the option to fine-tune their position after having spent time under actual “On the road” conditions.

Come and see it for yourself and tell me what you think!

Web - Comin so

Email -mikehickman@tiscali,co.uk

Phone -

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