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The Bespoked Constructors' Challenge is a new event for 2015 that aims to broaden and diversify the appeal of bespoke bicycles. While sport cycling is enjoying great attention from the press at present, the Constructors’ Challenge will highlight how bicycles have been used traditionally for quick, easy, efficient transport - ideal for modern towns and cities. Bespoke bicycles are not limited to top-end road or mountain bikes, this event will demonstrate the diversity of possible uses for this simple and adaptable machine - and that they form a viable alternative to the car for regular work and daily life.

In today’s traffic choked cities, with cars crawling along slower than when horse and carts were king, the bicycle can slice through traffic delivering you and your cargo more efficiently and stylishly than any other means. For example, a florist delivering flowers by bicycle - specially designed to keep the flowers protected and fresh - can cut swiftly through traffic jams, allowing for more predictable delivery times and saving huge amounts of money on fuel.

The skill and craftsmanship of the artisan also allows a bike to be designed for you. Commissioning a bespoke bicycle inverts the whole purchase process - rather than passively choosing something off the peg you become part of the process, active and involved from the very beginning. The Printing Bike is a perfect example, framebuilder, Robin Mather (Winner of Best in Show 2012) teamed up with Nick Hand designer & letterpress printer to make a bike to carry a small letterpress printer to Mainz, Germany printing postcards on the way. To see how they’re getting on follow https://twitter.com/nickhand

Specific not generic designs – intended to give inspiration and ideas for how a bespoke bicycle might be relevant to you!

The Bespoked Constructors' Challenge will take place from 17-19 April 2015 at the Arnolfini – one of Europe’s leading centres for the contemporary arts - as part of Bespoked 2015.

There will be a preview exhibition of a selection of the bicycles featuring in the Constructors’ Challenge on show in the foyer of the Engine Shed from 1st April until 13th May.


Bespoked - The Constructors Challenge 2015


The Arnolfini Gallery on Bristol's Habourside

Maker - Apprentice's

Designer -

Passenger Lift Services R&D Team

Where - Smethwick, West Midlands

Number Made PA -


We were very interested in competing in this project as a chance to demonstrate and show case our Apprentice Engineering skills, wrapped up in one project. As a UK manufacturer and assembler of lifts, we were looking for something ‘different’ to focus the skills our Engineering Apprentices learn through their 3 years of training. As many sections of the bike will be designed and manufactured using our in-house processes and current parts and material sections will be re-invented into bike components. The finished bike will exhibit all of our manufacturing processes from tradition milling and lathe machine work, TIG & MIG welding, to 3D printing (our newest machine). The materials will also be coated in our Lift finishing processes including power coating, zinc bleaches and polished materials. At the end of the project when the bike is fully constructed we will extend the project further to help demonstrate our Assembly techniques on the Production Line. Using a new ‘non-lift’ product this will help deliver the importance of Lean and well thought out assembly principles using a product they are not familiar with, hence having to ‘think out of the box’. We would like to think that future apprentices will be able to re-design the product each time with subtle updates whilst still keeping the main focus on using all in-house techniques and materials/processes where possible.

Unit 2 Summit Crescent, Smethwick, West Midlands. B66 1BT. United Kingdom.

Web - www.passengerliftservices.co.uk

Email -

Phone -

Maker - Amos Field Reid & Lasse Oiva

Designer - Amos Field Reid & Lasse Oiva


Where - London

Number Made PA -


Velopresso is a unique, highly innovative and fully integrated coffee tricycle, that combines great mobility and excellent espresso machinery with an ultra low-carbon, pedal-powered operation that requires no electricity.

Designed from the ground up around our unique rear-steer modular tricycle, pedal-driven grinder, and robust gas-fired lever espresso machine, Velopresso is a celebratory fusion of human power, sensory pleasures and technology – old tech with hi-tech, bicycles and coffee, their engineering and aesthetics.

The result is a highly efficient, robust and humanised machine with a compact footprint – no motors, no noise – enlightened coffee ‘on the go’, perfect for city streets and piazzas, at exhibitions and events, in parks and markets – wherever people congregate.

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Web - http://www.velopresso.cc

Email - contact@velopresso.cc

Phone - + 44 (0)20 8539 0069
or + 44 (0)7939 014 891


Maker - Steve Bodiley and Rob Bushill

Designer - Steve Bodiley and Rob Bushill


Where - Bristol

Number Made PA -


Rodford is a Bristol based business building cargobikes, at its core are Steve Bodiley and Rob Bushill, a fusion of minds, fuelled by tea, biscuits and a love of old world transport. They come from a background of selling, riding and modifying the best two wheeled cargobikes in the world, sidecar construction and computer hardware design.

They wanted a Cargobike that offered something fresh, a Cargobike with function at its heart and with a dusting of British swagger, a bike fashioned from the same BS 4T45 steel used in Spitfires and Hurricanes, a Cargo bicycle handbuilt in Britain.

Since 2011, when Rodford exhibited the first Cargobike at Bespoke, Rodford have experimented with design, honed their craft and discovered other skilled craftspeople in Britain with which to collaborate.

Rodford is a business built on people. The people helping the project to grow, and the people using our Rodford Built bicycles to enhance their everyday. It is built on a respect for the bicycles place in history and a desire for more bicycles to be used as local transport in the future. It provides options for your transport, Cargobikes built in Rodford.

Web - http://www.rodfordbuilt.co.uk

Email -

Phone -

Maker - Duncan Henderson

Designer - Duncan Henderson & Sam Hewitt


Where - Brighton & Hove

Number Made PA - 1


Workhaus Bikes is a new venture based in Brighton & Hove founded by Duncan Henderson. The aim is to encourage the return and use of utility bikes in the UK and reduce the reliance on the combustion engine.
Our project is to produce a cargo bike for a painter.
The artist, Sam Hewitt, whilst a keen commuting cyclist historically, either drives his equipment to any chosen location or works from photographs back in his studio.
The equipment required for painting in the field, whilst being a little unwieldy in the case of canvases, is by no means heavy and so can be transported by bike with ease.
Apart from the obvious benefits: health and wellbeing, reduced pollution and costs, etc. Sam feels that the pleasure of this self-contained vehicle coupled with the physical nature of getting to a chosen site will provide further liberation for his work.
The bike needs to securely transport wet canvases and palate, brushes, paint, turps, rags, easel, a large umbrella plus the usual luggage for a day out on a bike

Web - http://www.workhausbikes.co.uk

Email - hendercoy@mac.com

Phone - 07710 037 643

Maker - Andrew Jones, & Life Bikes

Designer -

Moss bikes, L!FE Bikes, Redshift Radio  

Where -

Number Made PA -

The brief is for myself and the students of L!fe Bike to design and manufacture a steel framed Redshift Radio utility cargo bike. The bike will carry a range of lightweight broadcasting equipment and be a focal point for the radio station at events, but when you take off the cargo bits, it will still be a nice bike for the employees of Redshift to ride. By putting it on rollers, it will also be used as a training bike to promote cycling and health.

The students who designed and built bikes for GCSE are now at A-Level stage and are chomping at the bit for the next project, so I’ve got a ready made team for the Constructors’ Challenge, and this project is more complicated and challenging for them 

Web - http://www.mossbikes.co.uk


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