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For the first time, legendary Olympic Gold winning Takhion has released prized and valuable design drawings, to raise money for the war orphans of his country Ukraine.


Takhion’s frame designer, Reginald Vorontsov, has shared a lifetime’s work in collaboration with London bike designer Tsubasa. Despite living in London, Tsubasa’s founder Edvinas Vavilovas is Lithuanian.


Two Eastern European bike frame designers driven by similar experiences. For Vorontsov, war is now. For Vavilovas he was a teenager. But amidst the suffering of Lithuania’s war, Vavilovas felt an incredible sense of togetherness. “It was invaluable to experience the power of unity. The power of a nation; a human race; all striving for freedom and peace as one single unit.” Edvinas Vavilovas, Tsubasa.


As soon as he heard about the Ukraine Crisis he wanted to help, so contacted Vorontsov to propose they collaborate. At first they were just strangers communicating by email across a war zone. Now they are guardians of the Takhion+Tsubasa Mass, possibly the fastest track frame known.


Man and man is more than war

But the Takhion Tsubasa collaboration wasn’t just about the recreation of a legendary frame to raise money. They also wanted to share a message of unity.

‘War may tear communities apart, but it can never destroy the human’s ability to trust and connect. Together we are strong. Together we can create greatness.’ Takhion Tsubasa.

The Takhion+Tsubasa Mass takes its name from their belief that together we are strong, even in times of hardship. That man and man is more than war.


True to Takhion

In their creation of the Takhion+Tsubasa Mass it was important to both that the spirit and essence of Takhion be retained. And even after all these years, Takhion’s design features are unprecedented when it comes to speed.

Takhion’s iconic riding position was honoured and maintained. The handle bar has been attached to the crown of the fork so the rider can adopt a low profile riding position, helping maximise aerodynamics.

Rear wheel dropouts have been kept, but are now made from carbon fibre, and the highest grade of aluminium available to ensure durability.

The internal head tube bearing system is the same, allowing the head tube to shorten, and the top tube to drop.

Most of the regular headset bearings have been discarded, and the stem eliminated. The steering tube was cut to a minimum, and the head tube cut horizontally. All significantly reducing overall weight, and helping improving frame rider aerodynamics.


The fastest made faster

But Takhion and Tsubasa didn’t set out to simply replicate an original. They wanted to move the frame on. Meticulous design and infamous knowledge allowed them to make the fastest, even faster.

Unlike the original, the Takhion+Tsubasa Mass is carbon fibre. It has been created using Tsubasa’s single piece technology. A unique carbon fibre layering system, where pieces of carbon fibre are meticulously layered over each other, resulting in a strong seamless but incredibly light frame.

Some areas of the frame have been internally bridged, making the frame stiffer so more responsive.

The saddle can be directly attached to the frame. The loss of a saddle clamp and saddle rails sheds nearly 100 grams, and betters the aerodynamics of the frame and so rider.

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Takhion+Tsubasa Mass Auction

The Takhion+Tsubasa Mass is being auctioned via Ammado.com with the highest donation winning the frame. And donations can also be made.

Takhion and Tsubasa are working with International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to ensure that all money raised goes straight to the orphanages, in the form of food, shelter, clothing, and education.

Takhion and Tsubasa invite you to bid or donate, so together we can empower these children, and give them a sense of hope.


Takhion + Tsubasa MASS for Ukraine.




Frame design: Edvinas Vavilovas

Photography: Lowe H Seger

Text: Emma Banks

Art Direction: Noe Vavilovas

Takhion + Tsubasa


Maker - Edvinas

Designer - Edvinas

Tsubasa Bicycles 

Where - Hackney, London

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Tsubasa is a mini workshop concentrating on a custom bicycle frame design made out of carbon fiber. We also will be displaying our prototype saddles. Everything is 100% designed, tested and produced in house: tubes, carbon lugs etc.

22 Smeed Road, Hackney, London, E3 2NR

Web - tsubasabicycles.com

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