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MacKenzie Cyclone

A keen cyclist all my life, I doodled my design idea way back in 2003. In 2012 I had one built for me but, unfortunately, I was hit by a car and it was written off. I decided to build one myself and learnt at The Bicycle Academy. I obtained the European Registered Design Certificate, passed it through the European Standards and now proudly present to you the MacKenzie Cyclone. Crafted in my workshop at home, every one is custom built by me, and individualised with choice components. I can’t wait to see you at the show to talk bikes.

Maker - Age MacKenzie

Designer - Age MacKenzie

Where - Chippenham



 07767 094904

armour custom bicycles

Armour Bicycles are designed, built and painted in Edinburgh by Andrew Armour. The aim is to make beautiful bikes that walk the fine line between rugged and svelte, between practical and ornate. I'll be showing Armour #18 Fillet Brazed Road and Armour #20 Bilaminate Gravel/Tourer.

Maker - Andrew Amour

Designer - Andrew Armour

Where - Edinburgh




Crossley Metal

Based in North Norfolk, Crossley Metal is a rider owned frame building workshop fabricating in steel. It aims to create custom machines which combine exciting aesthetics and top end performance in all areas of cycling.

Proud sponsor of Team FSR - racing Eastern/London League and National trophy Cyclocross.

Watch out for new carbon products in 2019!



Maker -  Duncan Crossley


Designer - Duncan Crossley

Where -  Norfolk





masca frameworks

My name is Michael Mascarel , I build bespoke steel bicycle under the name of Masca Frameworks, my workshop is based on Reunion Island. I aim to build exquisite one of a kind bicycle locally with a global outreach. Gaining and refining my skills, learning the trade, having a proper workshop, and being part of a greater vision, that is where the effort is that. For now it is more of an expensive passion of mine for I am at the very beginning of the story and two steps does not make a path. Reaching the ultimate is the mind set.

Maker -  Michaël Mascarel

Designer -

Where - Reunion Island



+262 693045210

VY Works Limited

VY Works is a multidisciplinary studio focused on designing and producing high quality composite products.


The piece of work that is going to be presented at Bespoked.cc is a full carbon monocoque downhill bike,  which has been a long-term personal project. The bike itself is just Vlad’s take on what a downhill bike is, encapsulating the whole process from idea generation to bringing the bike to the start gate.

Maker - Vladimir Yordanov

Designer - Vladimir Yordanov

Where - Staffordshire

Endon, Staffordshire, UK