3. Who or what has inspired you?

On a personal level, my family is a huge inspiration. I grew up with parents and grandparents that ran their own small businesses and was able to appreciate the joy and the struggle that can entail. It also helped me with a realistic expectation of what it would be to start a business and then to continue to work to evolve and develop my skill set and my ability to respond to my clientele. Those clients continue to be my day to day inspiration - both with the adventures they are planning, their excitement for their new bike, and they seemingly endless trust they give me to help create a bike tailored to their needs. From a design standpoint, I really like to build bikes inspired by certain timeless elements in the details and metal working, but that are modern bikes that continue to develop as technology and rider needs change.

4. What can people expect to see from you at Bespoked 2015?

I will have some client bikes on display- most likely bikes in that all-around/randonee category. If I have room in my luggage I hope to bring another race or track bike, too, just to better display some of my range to the Bespoked attendee. My integrated bicycles include my custom necessities- attendees can expect to see custom racks, stems and hopefully some bespoke luggage as well.

5. Where is your favourite place to ride?

I am fortunate to have lived and ridden in some great places across the United States and have great access to beautiful road rides in the forested Cascade foothills right outside my door. I'm getting more sentimental now, so my favorite rides are the ones I share with my wife or our friends.

6. If you weren’t a framebuilder what would you be?

I have an art education and used to teach combined studio, theory and history classes. Maybe as a second career in my later life I'll give that another go?

2. What defines your style as a framebuilder?

I like to think of my bikes as fully modern designs with just the right balance of classic influence. I like clean design and specific visual gestures with classic aesthetic pop often accentuated by hot rod colors. I build all sorts of bikes, from road to track to touring rigs. I build a number of performance city bikes with a high degree of utility, great fit, and a lively feel. In the last few years, fully integrated randonee bikes have also become a staple. To speak to style, I think the randonee bikes are a great visual example. I design bikes as complete units. The parts, the frame materials and tubes, the geometry- it's all integral to the performance and the balance of the completed bike. I think the design concerns of clean lines, tidy feature integration, and smooth execution are the same things that make decked out touring bikes successful just as they make stripped down track bikes successful. As a frame builder, I strive to meet my clients fit and performance needs, respond to their tastes with a certain "Winter aesthetic" and provide them a safe, highly functional high performance bicycle.

1. How did you get into framebuilding?

I used to work in outdoor education as a trip leader as well as in bike retail. In addition to my own riding and racing, those experiences helped me understand bikes, how people work and fit with them, and how some rider’s needs might be better served by a specifically tailored option. I decided to try to combine some of my bike experience with fabrication experience. I signed up for a frame building class, realized I liked it, and brought my resume to a bicycle manufacturing company. I was hired in the production department where I was trained. I worked there for a few years and had a hand in brazing

around 3000 or so frames and forks. During my last year there I started Winter Bicycles in my off hours (with their support), and by the end of the year, I had a full line of custom orders - Winter Bicycles has been my profession since and is in it's seventh year.



This feature offers the opportunity to learn more about exhibitors’ individual style and inspirations, as well as giving an insight into their behind the scenes preparation for Bespoked 2015.

Every week we will ask a couple of different framebuilders the same five questions and along with photos of them, their workshops and the bikes they make display them on these pages.

Winter Bicycles

Framebuilders of the week
getting to know the people that make the bikes


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Maker - Eric Estlund

Designer - Eric Estlund

Winter Bicycles

Where - Springfield, Oregon, United States

Number Made PA -

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Winter Bicycles manufactures custom bicycles and luxurious necessities including forks, stems, racks and other fittings. All products are individually tailored for the customer’s needs by Eric Estlund in Eugene, Oregon.  Winter Bicycles carry a sense of year round versatility with an emphasis on fresh, clean design, practical features and subtle detailing. 
Eric will work with you to incorporate the design and features relevant for your uses and priorities, from performance race bikes to everyday city bikes and commuters. Winter Bicycles’ goal is to put you on the best fitting and performing bicycle for your specific needs.





Web - www.winterbicycles.com

Email - info@winterbicycles.com

Phone - 001 541.556.5156


Photo by Andy Waterman courtesy of Privateer/Rouleur

Photo by Trask Bedortha

Photo courtesy of Winter Bicycles

Photo courtesy of Winter Bicycles

Photo courtesy of Winter Bicycles

Photo courtesy of Winter Bicycles

Photo courtesy of Winter Bicycles

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