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This feature offers the opportunity to learn more about exhibitors’ individual style and inspirations, as well as giving an insight into their behind the scenes preparation for Bespoked 2015.

Every week we will ask a couple of different framebuilders the same five questions and along with photos of them, their workshops and the bikes they make display them on these pages.

1. How did you get into framebuilding?

My family has always been into framebuilding. It all started with my great grandfather, Odiel, who build his first raceframes in the 1930’s and since then the craft has been passed on from father to son for 4 generations. Therefore it has been a logical step for me to passionately continue our business.

2. What defines your style as a framebuilder?

In the past we have built the finest for the very best. So our roots are deeply into pro cycling and we strongly believe that high-end steel still is the perfect material to build a race frame with. Our bikes and frames are built to go fast in the first place, so form follows function to a large extent and we never compromise on quality and finish.  We do things the way we do because we know they work and they will keep working. All our frames are built to last a lifetime and that is why we try to keep them stylish, so that they, in 20 years or so, will still look fantastic. 

We don’t follow trends but instead we continuously search for even better materials, techniques, machinery and details.

3. Who or what has inspired you?

My father and grandfather have of course been a inspiration, but so have been the pro riders we have built frames for in the past. Merckx was the most particular one of all. Everything had to be exactly so but he certainly appreciated our effort and passion as well.

4. What can people expect to see from you at Bespoked 2015?

We make both lugged and TIG-welded frames in Columbus Spirit and XCR, so we’ll show one of each which doesn’t really cover the spectrum of possibilities but will show the visitors what we stand for. Each of them timeless beauties, build to ride and be ridden hard.

5. Where is your favourite place to ride?

One of our quotes you can put on the top tube is : “The best routes are the ones you haven’t ridden yet”, but we do have a soft spot for the Flemish Ardennes, Spain, southern and northern France.

6. If you weren’t a framebuilder what would you be?

I am actually a goldsmith so if I wasn't building bespoke frames, I would be busy making fine jewellery, not the riding kind.

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Jaegher Airlight Steel Race Cycles

Framebuilders of the week
getting to know the people that make the bikes


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Diel Vaneenooghe - photo courtesy of Jaegher

photo courtesy of Jaegher

Interceptor - photo courtesy of Jaegher

photo courtesy of Jaegher

Photo courtesy of Winter Bicycles

Phantom - photo courtesy of Jaegher

Photo courtesy of Winter Bicycles


Odiel Vaneenooghe - photo courtesy of Jaegher

Eddy Merckx inspecting his frames, photo courtesy of Jaegher

Tig Welding - photo courtesy of Jaegher

Maker - Diel and his father, Luc Vaneenooghe

Designer - Steven Ledoux

jaegher airlight steel race cycles

Where - Belgium

Number Made PA - 150

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A premium Belgian race cycle brand
Jaegher produces handmade, airlight steel frames for race cycles. These cycles are completely custom-made by one of the most talented frame builders in Belgium, Diel Vaneenooghe. Diel descents from a family that has been making race cycles for generations. Eddy Merckx, amongst other great Belgian cyclists, celebrated his greatest victories on a frame built by Diel’s ancestors. He’s a cyclo-maniac who obsessively screens and scans every Jaegher to the millimetre before it leaves the workshop


Bruggestraat 120, Ruiselede 8755, Belgium

Web - http://www.jaegher.com

Email - ateliers@jaegher.com

Phone -


Eddy Merckx's bike , photo courtesy of Jaegher

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