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Quirk Cycles

Maker - Rob Quirk

Where - London

Designer -Rob Quirk






Born of the desire to design, make and ride the best road machines, Quirk Cycles represents the distillation of years of riding, modifying, riding, tweaking and riding again in search of that sweet spot of speed, comfort and response – a bike that feels right! Everything has to count.






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1. Do you remember your first bike?

Yes, indeed! It really sticks in my mind because at the time mountain bikes were the ‘in thing’ but I had a racer with drop bars. I absolutely loved it! My friends and I would always go and do jumps in the woods nearby so I’d take my racer! I think it’s great when you first start riding bikes because you don’t have any notion or what is the ‘right’ equipment, you just get out and ride.


2. How did you get into building bikes?

Through sheer obsession!


3. How would you define your style as a framebuilder?

Form follows function would be a good place to start as how the bike performs its purpose is very important to me; although that is not to say aesthetics do not have their place. Originally I trained as an artist so my thought process is often concerned with how the final product will appear, but I try not to let that be the leading idea. Instead I focus on the task the frame needs to perform and let that guide how it looks.


4. Who or what has inspired you along the way?

Too many things to mention but I guess the base inspiration has always been the bicycle. The simplicity of its design, coupled with its ability to be tirelessly reinvented is something that is really enduring. But I guess what makes the bicycle really inspiring is its ability to invoke feelings of freedom through mobility. Nothing like riding a bike!


5. What can we expect to see from you at Bespoked 2016?

I’ve been focusing on supporting riders who are inspiring and ride hard so for Bespoked I will be displaying the machines that I have built for them. One is a fixed gear crit frame designed to be raced in events like Red Hook Crit, one is a CX frame built to be thrashed through the mud and lastly there will be an ultra-distance frame designed to be raced for 4500 miles non-stop in the Trans America race. These riders act as a test team for me so I can see how my frames perform under race conditions. Keep you’re eye out for them #TeamQuirk.


6. Where is your favourite place to ride?

Too many places to choose from but I love riding in Europe. I’ll be getting to do a lot more of it this year as I am in the Transcontinental Race, don’t think there’ll be much sightseeing though!



and finally…

7. If you weren’t building bikes for a living what would you be?

Good question, I really don’t know. I was working towards a Ph.D. at one point; maybe I’d have a doctorate by now.


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