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Granule Frameworks

Maker - Shaun Wakefield

Where - Kent

Designer -Shaun Wakefield






From a heritage in mechanical engineering, time-served engineer Shaun then followed his creative ambitions to become a graphic designer before following his dream into frame building. For him, frame building is a perfect marriage of engineering and aesthetics, where design meets functionality, to create a thing of beauty and purpose.






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Granule Frameworks design and build handmade steel bicycle frames from a small workshop in the Kent countryside. Framebuilder Shaun’s background in mechanical engineering and graphic design produces frames that are both well engineered and beautifully finished, winning him the Outstanding New Framebuilder Runner Up award at Bespoked 2016.


Do you remember your first bike?

Yep, my first bike was a Raleigh Burner. She was blue and yellow and had some different pads on it. These were a bit tasty and covered in stars. I loved that bike and was the only way us lads got around the village in which we grew up, there wasn't a lot to do in a small village but there was plenty that could be explored and more importantly plenty of things that could be jumped!


How did you get into building bikes?

Initially it came out of a small riding accident that snapped my carbon frame, the kind of crash that shouldn't really cause any damage. This got me thinking about having a steel training bike and it snow balled from there really. I have a strong engineering background as well as running a boutique graphic design business so the opportunity to marry the two seemed like something that I had to explore further.


How would you define your style as a framebuilder?

That's a difficult one really. Essentially I love building race bikes that will be raced. But, that being said I am currently working on CX bike and I have a track bike, single speed bike and a bike for the TCR up next. I guess the one unifying style will be that they are all as aesthetically pleasing to the eye as they are well built. It's important for me that all elements are there for a reason and to do a job.


Who or what has inspired you along the way?

A lot of design inspiration came from street-wear brands like Stussy, Obey and I always loved the way Carhartt could make a practical work wear item into a desirable product. From a bike point of view I always lusted after De Rosas and Cinellis. Cinelli always seemed to push the boundaries of graphics and some of their bike designs were amazing. I remember seeing the Laser bike they made in the 80's and thinking how bonkers it was, there were so many elements to that bike that you wouldn't have seen straightway and that's what inspires me for sure.


What can we expect to see from you at Bespoked 2017?

This year I will be bringing 3 bikes, a CX, a track and a fast road bike.


Where is your favourite place to ride?

I'm really lucky in that I can leave my house and I'm straight into country lanes. If I want a fast, flat ride then the marsh areas can be absolutely beautiful, there are so many lanes around there that I still haven't discovered and it never disappoints. If I want something a little hillier I love riding the North Downs, they have it all, testing climbs, scenery, views and fast decents.


And finally, if you weren’t building bikes for a living what would you be doing?

I still keep my hand in graphic design, so I would most likely be doing something design-wise.

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