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This feature offers the opportunity to learn more about exhibitors’ individual style and inspirations, as well as giving an insight into their behind the scenes preparation for Bespoked 2014.

Every week we will ask a couple of different framebuilders the same five questions and along with photos of them, their workshops and the bikes they make display them on these pages.


1. What defines your style as a framebuilder?

I'm not sure what defines my style as a framebuilder other than grumpy! I'd describe our bikes as simple and practical. Hopefully if we get that right, they'll also look good too. I'm not a fan of fancy. There's nothing on our bikes that doesn't need to be there. I'm reminded of a favourite quote of mine about a wood carver who carves beautiful wooden ducks, fantastically faithful. When asked how he makes his birds so realistic he says 'simple, I start with lump of wood and cut off all the bits that don't look like a duck'. That's our approach to our bikes. · · ·


2. Who, or what, has inspired you?

Specifically, I saw a purple Reynolds 753 mountain bike that was built by a framebuilder called Andy Thompson for Isla Rowntree (of Isla Bikes) back in about 1990 I think. It was my first real close encounter with a handmade bike and I can still picture it now. The fact that it was built by a bloke in a workshop just opened up a whole world for me. It was a few years on from that before I built my first bike but I was inspired in the early days mostly by US mountain bike builders like Willits, Ross Shafer, Keith Bontrager, Gary Klein, Frank Waddleton at Yeti, Paul Brodie. Mostly by people who were building bikes as part of building a brand and a bigger business. I paid a lot of attention to the UK builders around at the time too. Dave Yates, Chas Roberts, Dave Lloyd. A friend had an Overburys Pioneer and I loved that bike. Tony Oliver too, for his attention to detail and his methodical approach to fit and geometry.

3. Are you preparing anything special for Bespoked 2014?


We're going to parachute in, straight onto our stand. The roof opens right?


4. Where is your favourite place to ride?

I don't care where I'm riding but I have a medical condition that prevents me from coming back the way I went out, so I have to turn every ride into a loop. When I commute, I need to go a different way home from the way I came in. It's a real problem.


5. If you weren’t a framebuilder, what would you be?

I'd like to build those wee scale models you see in architects offices.


Shand Photo Gallery

Photos taken by Shand Cycles and Goldseal Photography

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Steven Shand - Shand Cycles

Livingston -Scotland


Maker - Steven Shand & Russell Stout

Designer - Steven Shand & Russell Stout

Shand Cycles

Where - Livingston, Scotland

Number Made PA - 120

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Shand is an independent bicycle manufacturer located in central Scotland producing steel frames inspired by Scotland’s roads, trails and mountains. Founded by Steven Shand in 2003, the company offers a range of hand-built steel production bikes, all made with the same passion and attention to detail as our custom frames. 

vimeo1c1a2 flicker1c1a2

3b Nasmyth Court, Houston Industrial Estate, Livingston, Scotland, UK, EH54 5EG

Web - www.shandcycles.com

Email - info@shandcycles.com

Phone - 01506 668 966

Photo - Goldseal Photography

Steven next to the bike Russell next to him - Photo Jim Johnston

Photo Jim Johnston

Photo Jim Johnston

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