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This feature offers the opportunity to learn more about exhibitors’ individual style and inspirations, as well as giving an insight into their behind the scenes preparation for Bespoked 2014.

Every week we will ask a couple of different framebuilders the same five questions and along with photos of them, their workshops and the bikes they make display them on these pages.


1. What defines your style as a framebuilder?

Definitely a case of form following function, we’re building bikes that will be ridden, loved and cherished for many years. There’s no point in making a beautiful looking bike if it doesn’t ride as well as it looks.·We work closely with the customer to ensure a good fit and to make sure the bike will do what it is intended for. Any aesthetic flourish comes later.

We work in steel and stainless steel, lugged or fillet brazed with steel and TIG welding with stainless.

The frame is only a part of the bike and a good choice of components is also very important so sourcing or making hard to find parts is also part of the process. Sometimes using things that are not obvious or not for their intended use can work better in some situations.

2. Who, or what, has inspired you?

The classic French builders are a great inspiration; we build a lot of 650B wheeled randonneur and touring bikes.·

We both come from a mountain bike background so the classic 80’s and 90’s mountain bikes have always been very dear to us. The days when frames and their materials made a difference rather than technology. Bontrager from the USA and the early innovators of the British scene such as Geoff Apps for their ability to build amazing bikes without following fashion have always been an inspiration too.

We also have a great love for old Italian road bikes and classic British tourers and utility bikes.·

When building a particular bike the most inspiration has to come from the customer who may have their own ideas as to what they want the bike to look like.


3. Are you preparing anything special for Bespoked 2014?

We’ll be bringing a few examples of our semi-custom Roadster range, a 650B wheeled hub geared city bike, in both men’s and women’s frames.·

A new road frame, a stainless custom build, a collaboration with Paniagua and a new tourer.

Maybe a few surprises as well.


4. Where is your favourite place to ride?

Mog: bicycles are my main form of transport so I’ll ride anywhere. I do have a perverse enjoyment of riding in central London or in any crowded city but out in the countryside the ride must take in at least three pubs!

Darron: There is a ride a ride around Portland (Dorset) on the cliff path its not hardcore off road but great views and quite technical in a few places to keep you on your toes.


5. If you weren’t a framebuilder, what would you be?

Mog: I’ve worked most of my adult life with or around bicycles so I’m pretty much useless at anything else. It would have to be something with bikes.

Darron: Restoring classic cars and bikes I just have to be making things I think its an addiction·


Darron Coppin & Mog Mogford

Sven Cycles

Dorset, UK


Maker - Darron Coppin

Designer - Darron Coppin

Sven Cycles

Where -

Number Made PA -


Darron Sven has been building and repairing vintage race cars and motorcycles for many years and in 2012 returned to his first love, bicycles, setting up Sven Cycles in Weymouth Dorset. Building lightweight road and track bikes he has recently been collaborating with Mog Mogford (ex Brixton Cycles) to build classically styled hub geared roadsters with a modern twist.

Also offers bike fitting service and frame repairs/renovation.

Web - http://svencycles.com/

Email - darron@svencycles.com

Phone -

Darron Coppin

Mog Mogford

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