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This feature offers the opportunity to learn more about exhibitors’ individual style and inspirations, as well as giving an insight into their behind the scenes preparation for Bespoked 2014.

Every week we will ask a couple of different framebuilders the same five questions and along with photos of them, their workshops and the bikes they make display them on these pages.


1. What defines your style as a frame builder?


Each frame is built for an individual rider and the design is driven firstly by their needs and preferences so it's hard to pin down a specific "Sword" style. People generally have a good idea of what they want their bike to look like and most of the job is turning their idea into cold hard steel.


I always start with the practicalities of rider positioning and handling, then it's a question of matching the tubing choice to the required strength and stiffness. Once that's nailed there's scope for some of the less functional more aesthetic parts of the frame building process like carving lugs or polishing stainless parts. But for me even the most functional of frames has its own beauty.

Steel Triathlon Frame

2. Who, or what has inspired you?

I grew up mountain biking in the early '90s and lusting after the exotic bikes of that era, so the Fat City frames, Bontragers, Yetis, Kleins. In fact I still ride my '91 Rockhopper, admittedly I've had to put a new seat tube in it but that's one of the joys of steel it can be fixed pretty easily, I'd like to think I'll still be riding it in another 20 years.

I'm a firm believer in N+1, you always need one more bike, I think frame building for me is partly a way of scratching that itch.


Fillet brazed head tube

3. Are you preparing anything special for Bespoked 2014?


I'm hoping to bring down a lugged track frame and I'll probably see if I can delay delivery on a couple of people's frames and bring those down too.


4. Where is your favourite place to ride?

Off-road, it's probably the South Downs, I grew up near there and a summer's day on a dusty chalk trail is hard to beat. On the road I love the quiet lanes of the Peak District, the hills aren't too long and the pubs/cafes aren't too far apart.


5.If you weren’t a framebuilder what would you be?


I'd hope to be doing something else I love, brewing beer maybe or riding my bike for a living somehow.


Tim Leicester - Sword Cycles

Derbyshire, UK


Maker - Tim Leicester

Designer - Tim Leicester

Sword Cycles

Where - Derbyshire, England

Number Made PA - TBC


Sword Cycles is a new custom framebuilding company, based in Derbyshire. Framebuilder Tim Leicester has nearly a decade of professional framebuilding experience and individually hand makes each steel frame. Sword Cycles builds both beautifully functional fillet brazed and classically beautiful lugged frames, to suit your frame type and your own tastes. Your intended use, riding style and physique are matched to a personalised tube selection and custom geometry to produce your ideal bespoke frame. To discover more visit the website.

Web - www.swordcycles.co.uk

Email - tim@swordcycles.co.uk

Phone - 07980 552379

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