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Calfee Design

Genuine.  Innovative.  Original.  We’ve been at it a while.  Consider this comprehensive reporting of the genesis of Calfee Design and our relationship with Greg LeMond and the Tour de France, wherein was written, “In 1991, Greg LeMond was searching for a bike fast enough to keep him at the very pinnacle of professional bike racing.  Craig Calfee was busy forging a quiet revolution in carbon construction.  Together, they changed the face of cycling.”  As the time line below will evidence, we’ve a broad body of work. Along those lines, the editorial team at Road Bike Action stated that, “There is likely no other name in the bicycle industry that has attached to it as broad and significant an arc of accomplishments as Craig Calfee.” Enjoy the complete article here. Towards further discovery of Craig Calfee and his namesake brand, you might also enjoy this radio interview that aired January, 2011 in a public radio program called the Outspoken Cyclist.

Maker - Craig Calfee


Designer - Craig Calfee

Where - USA