Bespoked - a celebration of handmade bicycles & those who make them.

Ferreus bicycles

After completing a City & Guilds in blacksmith work, whilst serving with the Royal Engineers, I have worked for various engineering firms over the years. From sheet metal fabrications for agriculture to stainless steel work for the pharmaceutical industry, however, nothing really inspired me. Being a keen cyclist I decided to make myself a bicycle & that was it!

I make “traditional” style, lugged and brazed framesets varying from town style to race style, although I do have some ideas in the pipeline.


Maker - David Whymark

Designer -

Where - Bedford

45 Fairholme, Bedford, MK41 9DA


Rå Bikes

Rå Bikes at the end of 2016 with the aim to produce a steel full suspension “Enduro” bike that would compete with mainstream bikes at the highest level, and then expand to a full range of mountain bikes. I began my frame building career with a 29er DH bike in 2012/13. I have also developed a modern geometry gravel bike which is now in production.

Maker -  Ralph Richardson


Designer -Ralph Richardson

Where -


Heim bicycles

Heim bicycles is a one man company based in Trondheim, Norway. As a novice builder in the bikescene, this will be my second year at the Bespoked after building for about 1 year. I strictly build with steel, mostly Columbus and Reynolds with love for both lugs and fillets. My work is based on oldschool building. We're talking full scale blueprints by hand, building off table and mitering with handfiles, none of that fancy stuff, keeping it simple and rad. I build forks, wheels, frames and do all the paintwork myself. Check out my stand and let's have a chat. Looking forward to seeing you at this years show!

Maker - Sander Kommedahl

Designer -Sander Kommedahl

Where - Norway

Leangenvegen 14, Trondheim, Norway

lapsley frameworks

With 15 years experience in the creation of accurate metal support systems for precious museum objects I decided to combine my love of engineering with my passion for cycling.  Practicing under the guidance of Mark Reilly, I created my first fillet brazed frame and spent the following three years further developing my skills.  Lapsley Frameworks was born.  Based in Walthamstow East London, I personally design, build and paint all of my frames.  I have worked with clients on a variety of styles, but I particularly enjoy building, and riding, track frames.

Maker - Mick Lapsley

Designer - Mick Lapsley

Where - London



MAD (mike anderson designs)

The Taurus XE on show is the culmination of about 3 years research and development to build a bike for my personal needs, but many features are adaptable for a wider audience. The first steps involved shortening the cranks to 135mm and narrowing the handlebars to 320mm for reasons of knee problems and shorter than average stature respectively. To assist hill climbing, the bike is electric assist with the motor and battery pack in the seat tube. The carbon fibre frame is made with commercial tubes wrapped together with carbon fibre overlay. The saddle/seat post and handlebar/stem are carbon fibre/aluminium composite. A recent development is the use of novel (as far as I know) wedge actuation brake calipers. All other components are off-the-shelf

Maker - Mike Anderson

Designer - Mike Anderson

Where - Middlesex

Harrow, Middlesex HA3 7PZ


staal cycles

At Staal we draw on our vast experiences, ranging from being an apprentice frame builder with Roberts, to working for Giant, the worlds largest bike manufacturer. With over 20 year experience in the cycle industry, we have the skills and knowledge to make your dream bike a reality.

Maker - Mark Griffith

Designer - Mark Griffith

Where - Hailsham

Unit 4, Green Man Yard, Hailsham, East Sussex. BN27 4SF


 Himalaya Cycles

Himalaya Cycles was born from a love of travel, freedom, and craftsmanship.

Designed and built in Brighton by Ismael, these bikes combine his experiences of riding to the Indian Himalayas as well as his years of knowledge as a cycle mechanic. His models are reliable, timeless and bespoke. He knows how to maximise efficiency without getting flashy, producing bikes with perfectionism for the fine details of the builds. Let’s make it happen.

Maker - Ismael Aneiros

Designer - Ismael Aneiros

Where - Brighton


trainor Cycles

I first caught the bug as a teenager in the 90s, when I lived and breathed mountain bikes. In 2012 I quit the boring professional career to set up as a freelance bike mechanic in Manchester. I still run revolveMCR Mobile Cycle Repairs and the Rapha Manchester workshop, and love nearly every minute of it.

I started building frames on a Bicycle Academy course in about 2012, and have been honing my skills since, around running the other side of the business. I believe in the beauty of the bicycle philosphically, practically and aesthetically, and if I get close to expressing that in my work I'll go home happy. I haven't got a bloody clue what I'm going to show yet, but there's a heavy chance that it will be Fred Dibna practical and Magic Roundabout colourful. I hope so anyway. Cheers!

Maker - Dave Trainor

Designer -

Where - Manchester

Ardwick, Manchester. M12 4AH

 Tel 07939062600