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ingrid component

A 2 years old brand with a new  vision in  bicycle transmission components' design. Ingrid is the fusion of different professionals figures: designers and engineers, but also consolidated riders who wanted to analyze and review the components of their two wheels.

Maker -Giulio Mancini

Designer - Giulio Mancini

Where - Italy

MOS via La Villa 28, Localita' Villa del Monte, 61034 Ghilardino PU, Italy





ld framework

My name is Davide and I'm a designer, I fill my free time building and designing bespoked steel bike frame. It's start everything with a bet with myself, saying:" Davide you can do it!" and become now an addiction. I love to challenge myself everytime with somethinng new, I like to design and build bespoked frame for my clients but i like to put everytime some of me in every project that I do and caring about all the detail, from ergonomics to the smallest detail like gps fixture or brake cable hangers. It's been almost 5 years since I started to do this.

Maker - Davide Leoni

Designer - Davide Leoni

Where - Bristol

 Vale Lane, Bristol, BS3 5RU