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Victoria Baths in Manchester has been named as the new home of BESPOKED for the 2024 show June 28th-30th. It was built between 1903 and 1906, to the same no expense spared standards that much of the work on display at the show is made to. The space is bathed in natural light, and sits in an ideal state of dilapidation to offer a stylish and textural backdrop to the show, while maintaining a neutral palate.

Victoria Baths Manchester

There are three main halls within the venue plus a number of ancilliary spaces for the press room, talks, bar, screenings and more, as well as ample storage and production space. Onsite parking is available for easy loading into the venue, and offsite parking is available just a stones throw away for exhibitors vehicles during the show.

Manchester itself sits geographically near the centre of the UK with easy transport links from around the UK, as well as relatively inexpensive local accommodation. The show is also just a 35 minute drive to the Peak District for some of the most inspiring riding in the UK.

This years UK show ties in with the opening weekend of the Tour de France; arguably the worlds biggest bike race. So to celebrate, we’ll be screening the tour and tour highlights on our large format projectors in the bar area during the show, which promises to bring a vibe and a crowd of its own! 

To celebrate our new venue, companies signing up for both the UK and DE editions of BESPOKED get 50% discount to exhibit. Register your interest to exhibit in 2024 here now.


Unit 3, Phoenix Business Park, Continental Approach, Westwood, Kent, CT9 4HL    
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