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prova cycles

Prova was started by Mark Hester, a mechanical engineer with years of experience in automotive and motorsport. It was while working in the UK that Mark started the journey to becoming a framebuilder after a visit to an early Bespoked and spending time at TBA where the first few Prova's were built.

Mark is as happy on an EWS stage as at the coffee shop after a road loop and the bikes reflect the wide spectrum of riding he enjoys. One of biggest drivers for starting building frames is a passion for engineering design and while the bikes are respectful to the tradition of building they are also some of the first in the world to incorporate TIG welded 3D printed structures.

Maker - Mark Hester

Designer - Mark Hester

Where - Victoria Australia

Bakehouse Road, Kensington,  Victoria,  Australia



+(61) 0490 049 736