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Innovation is at the heart of all we do. Reynolds Technology invented tube butting back in 1898 as a way to reduce weight safely, and almost 120 years on, this process is still being used on lightweight bike frames today. Reynolds first brought out the highly alloyed steel 531 back in 1935, introduced the first heat treated steel to the industry with the advent of 753 in 1976, and, most recently, have started exploring the possibilities of 3D printing technology, with 3D printed titanium dropouts now commercially available. Their super-steel 953 is currently the strongest tube-set available to builders, and with titanium, hydroformed aluminium, air-hardening 631 and 853, and cold-worked 921, there’s a material to meet every specification. Reynolds celebrate their 120th birthday this December and are still operating out of Birmingham where our story first began, well over a century ago.

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